Alvaro Martell

first posted on Tumblr on August 2016

After finishing Jesse’s LTW and getting Maya to be his wife, expecting a baby, I kind of hit a wall in my motivation to play him. He’s got rich. He got a wonderful house (downloaded from TSR, amazing layout and furniture, if only I could remember which one…) He has great things to look forward to. I just don’t want to play him anymore, his story feels finished.

Meet Alvaro Martell, name courtesy of the included random name generator.


I got him from the exchange (again no idea how he was called, I am terrible at keeping track of these things because I binge download a whole wagon of them and then choose which one I like best) because I’m terrible at creating good-looking sims. He is a bit too pretty for my taste, but my partner said he almost looks like a friend of his so I left him the way he was. I will probably change his hair since it’s CC and got some clipping issues.

Alvaro is Brave, Charismatic, Handy, Athletic and a Daredevil. Extreme shower, anyone? I have no idea what it means since it doesn’t look any different from the other sims I had but I burst out laughing when I saw “extreme shower until extremely clean” or something like that. His sleeping is extreme, too. I would like to know how extreme sleeping is done.

Anyway… backstory…

Alvaro grew up in a tiny fishing community somewhere in the countryside. He moved to Twinbrook after his entire village died in a fire. Yes. Just like that. There were a few survivors, he’s not the only one, maybe I will introduce some others to his game, maybe a few relatives or something like that… I don’t think his entire family died, he feels too light-hearted and happy for that. But the big fire is what decided him to move to the city and be a firefighter.

Since his everything burned, he could only afford a tiny house, but at least it’s close to the city center where his work will supposedly be. I had to choose the unfurnished option. It had bathroom and kitchen furnishings though, so it’s not completely empty. Alvaro then chose to purchase a cheap bed and a table with a couple of chairs, then headed to the library. He had to get the job he came to town for, after all.


It didn’t take long for him to find out where the Fire Department Station was, so he went there and indeed got the job. The Station was empty for a while (except for the clerk who signed him up I guess), so he wandered around. They have everything there! A basement gym, beds, showers, an easel, other stuff I have no idea what to do with… I am in love. I guess Alvaro was too, because he headed right for the gym. After his workout, he heard people in the building, so he went to check.

There was some weird looking guys wanting to have a chat. He asked if they were his coworkers, but they were just wanting to check on the new arrival. The grey haired  guy is DeAndre Wolfe and he’s a musician or something. I have no idea who the other one is.


The spiky guy seems to be acquainted with the fire station. He just went straight to the fridge and started eating canned soup, while Alvaro proceeded to have a chat with DeAndre. They talked at great length about matches, fires, fire alarms and other fire-related things. I’m not sure DeAndre feels the same way about fire as Alvaro does. Alvaro seems to be very excited about fire. In fact, he loves fire but seems to dislike what it does to people, namely burning. Sometimes he’s mad at the fire but he admires it at the same time. At least this is what I gathered from their speech bubbles.


After DeAndre and his spiky friend left, Alvaro decided to spend the evening reading “How To Win At Videogames Without Really Trying” which seemed to be very entertaining lecture. He had lots of fun while at it. He went upstairs to sleep in one of the beds after.


A lonely breakfast consisting of canned soup and a nice view at the truck. I am not sure why there’s sky above the truck. I am pretty sure the garage has a roof. But yeah, Sims. Bear with it.


I pretty much left Alvaro make his own decisions after that. He went to the  basement for a workout, went back to wash the dishes. At this moment the fire alarm went off but when I clicked on the alarm to respond to it it turned down again and everybody was doing their own business as usual so I guess it was a fluke.

Alvaro made friends with one of his coworkers Goodwin Goode though, and had a game of catch in the backyard. Please ignore the hair, it was an experiment and I will change it again, it is hideous.




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