Alvaro pt2: Settling in


Alvaro really likes his current place. Even his dreams are about his job. He usually stays at the fire station because he’s poor and doesn’t have anything to do at home except paying bills now and then.


I’m not sure how to describe his endeavors to befriend his coworkers. Sometimes they’re just hilarious. Here we have Blaise Kindle, I think. Alvaro is all excited about the job and saving people and fixing things and Blaise is a bit in love because all she thinks – or talks – I’m not sure with Sims sometimes – is Alvaro’s person. The conversation ends quickly because Alvaro is not so into Blaise as she’s into him.


Then the alarm goes off, again, and this time Alvaro manages to respond to it in time, and off he goes in his shiny truck to put out some house fire.


It’s not a stove, not a tv, not even a fridge. It’s the carpet. How do you get the carpet on fire? The house is empty otherwise, nobody says thank you. The fire is out pretty quickly.


Hoping for some adventures, he races back to his truck to return to the station. The day is quiet, though, leaving him with enough time to tinker with the truck and with the alarm system.

Late in the night, Alvaro decides to go home because there’s some sort of a party at the station and the music too loud for him to sleep. Once he gets home, he is hungry and goes for canned soup – his usual choice so far.


It’s full moon. The lighting is really cool. The one thing that puts me off about moon phases is the zombies. But the lighting is cool.


Gives the empty house a desolate, lonely atmosphere. After that, it’s business as usual…


A morning jog.


Meeting DeAndre in front of his house.


Being sexually assaulted by Sofia Carlton, who is very into him, but he’s rather reluctant to play along… She’s his coworker after all.


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