Alvaro pt3: A day off

Trying to get in character a bit more with this one. Bear with me.


It had been a few months since Alvaro came to Twinbrook. Summer was a busy season at the fire station, since things are more prone to light themselves on fire when it’s hot. Still, he had a day off now and then. He usually chose to spend it in the library or at the gym honing his abilities. This time, he decided to actually leave work and visit the town summer festival.

After having a lemon ice cream cone and watching various people roller-skating, he decided to have a go at it himself.


He never did that before, but being in a good physical form definitely helped. He wasn’t half bad at it, actually.

“Hey Mister”, a girl in a yellow dress called while reaching out to him. He caught her hands, helping her regain her balance. She held onto him. Together they spun in a slow circle. “I’m Emerald”, she introduced herself. “You are a fireman. I saw you in the firetruck the other day. It must be terribly exciting! Let’s play chase!”


Alvaro found himself unable to resist her logic. Soon he tried to escape her attempts to catch him until both of them tumbled to the ground.


“I got you!”, Emerald proclaimed, scrambling back to her feet.

Soon after, Emerald lost her interest in skating and left to browse the comic book stand. Alvaro found himself alone again – but not for long. A blonde woman approached him.

“I’m Holly”, she said. “I saw you talking to my daughter.”

“Actually she talked to me”, Alvaro answered. “She just wanted to know about the fire truck. I work at the fire department.”

“I know”, she said. “We both saw you when the Whelohffs had that fire. You must be new in town, though.”


They exchanged some more sentences and Alvaro got his leave to hang out with Emerald for a while since the girl got bored again and came back calling for attention. Alvaro returned his roller-skates and joined Emerald for a a water balloon fight.




Afterwards, he told her some work stories while the festival grounds were visited by a herd of wandering horses.


Feeling responsible for keeping peace and safety for all involved parties he followed the horses until they left the park.



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