Alvaro, pt4: Tatoos and Teenagers

I’m still trying to find a comfortable narration form for this. I am not entirely sure how.

It is a sunday in late summer, almost autumn now. Alvaro begins his weekend by getting breakfast in that… thing… I forgot it’s name.


He has had the wish to get a new tatoo for a while now, it seems to be a good time. He heads to the tatoo shop. It takes me a while to find it – it is buried in the basement. Prior to that, Alvaro takes a look at the stylist shop and has some useful tips for his acquaintance Shamus.



He really has to do something about his hair, don’t you think?


Alvaro seems to be immune to pain, at least he watches the process with a very calm visage. I like the tatoo lady’s outfit.

It’s a small fire symbol, you will probably see it in future screenshots. Afterwards, Alvaro and the tatoo lady have a chat.


I really like the way she looks but they don’t really hit it off, their traits seem to be pretty much incompatible. I still haven’t found a suitable lady for Alvaro. I imagined a good-looking, active, firefighter hero like Alvaro would be swimming in girls by now, but… no. Probably requires a little bit more effort on my side.

So he heads to the karaoke bar or what this thing is to look for the ladies. There is indeed a girl who starts talking to him. Alvaro checks her out and is not impressed.


“Dear”, he says, “you’re still in school. Sorry. No deal.”


How do you know? Did you see me on the school bus?”

Apparently, they like each other but she’s way too young. I picture Alvaro around 25, but she’s still in school, so she must be underage, and while I myself was hanging out with guys who were like 15 years older than me when I was her age, Alvaro is a responsible fellow and will look for a lady closer to his age.

Like Julianne Knack, for example. He meets her at the local park where he went to watch some protest.


I have no idea what they are doing.


This is a much more plausible and familiar scene. That’s Harwood Clay playing guitar. He’s usually doing weird things around the park. But I mentioned Julianne. It got dark by the time they ended up sitting on the bench…



One comment on “Alvaro, pt4: Tatoos and Teenagers

  1. cathytea says:

    I really like your narrative style! It lets you gossip about the game and the TS3 Sims. (Did I mention that I’m a giant Harwood fan?)


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