Alvaro pt5: Fire Station Feature

The fire station is like a bad sitcom sometimes, I absolutely love it. So here’s a thing about the fire station.

First, folks are hanging out there that do not work there, have no affiliation with the folks working there and absolutely do not belong here. DeAndre keeps visiting it almost daily but by now he’s Alvaros friend so it’s probably fine. Then there’s a new coworker. I have no idea how he got there. He was just around one day. I forgot his name. It’s something like Hammond.

He plays guitar. I don’t know where he got the guitar. By the way he’s looking he’s trying to woo Alvaro. Alvaro likes him but I am a bit hesitate to let it happen. Mostly because my partner would cringe in disgust. He doesn’t share my love for gay people.


Seriously look at his face. Look at it.




He also knows how to fix Alvaro’s sink.


Or what this thought bubble is supposed to mean. Note, it’s a thought bubble. He’s not telling him about it. He’s just thinking about it. Screwdrivers. Wrenches. Things. It’s a little bit creepy and pretty hillarious.

Then there was one time where Goodwin brought his infant son with him and continued to eat bad ice cream.


The infant son is just staring into space with a vacant expression, sometimes making noises.


Alvaro has clearly no idea what to think of it. He is mildly terrified, judging by his face.


Then the… messy one, what’s her name… I’m bad with NPC names as you might have noticed… Sofia Carlton I think, is playing a game on the office computer while Alvaro is fixing the fire alarm. She is screaming at the computer and making weird faces.

But let’s return to serious storytelling. One day, I finally manage to respond to an emergency before it goes out again and there’s an actual fire.


With actual people inside.


This is awesome. Alvaro gets to save people.


It takes a while but his LTW counter is now 2/30 instead of 0.

The next day, there’s a gas leak or something at the grocery store.


Note Harwood Clay who’s clearly having a good time. I wonder if he’s responsible for the gas leak. Also note the girl in blue shorts. Her name is Molly and I like her and Alvaro will take her on a date once he finishing minding that gas leak.


Because he’s awesome like that and this is all in the name of community service.


Back and the station he seems very pleased with himself.


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