Alvaro, pt6: Coworkers and Pies

So you remember the Molly lady I mentioned in the previous post? Well screw her, she likes the colour blue and is married.

Though they had a nice thing going on at the karaoke bar. I think everybody cringed at Alvaro’s singing. He might be good at fighting fire but I don’t think he’s good at singing.


And they had a session of dominoes or whatever this is called.


I like Alvaro’s facial expressions, actually. My previous character Jesse always looked so… bland and stoic and utterly boring. But look at this one. Here he is so attentive.


And the next second he is clearly planning to murder Molly in her sleep. At least this is what he would look like if he was. Which he totally is not. So, anyway, Molly is out of the question. Alvaro is not going to go for married women. He is not Jesse, after all.


A man and his truck, alone in the rain. Please ignore the rainbow umbrella. It belongs to the guy the house belongs to and there is a fire but just for a moment, relate to the man and his truck, all alone in the rain. As a truck driver, I do.


That’s not even a particularly large fire and nobody is in danger.

We’re back at the station and I would like to introduce you to this man.


First, he is the first sim being beside Alvaro to actually work at the alarm system. Second, his name is Jed Walsh. Third, he has the most… untoward trait set I can imagine for a firefighter. Listen. He is an Unlucky, Clumsy, Excitable but Nurturing Coward.

How on earth did he get the job? He seems to be very eager to prove himself though.


“Yes sure, Captain, this is what I want.” Please note the slighty resigned expression on Alvaro’s face. Yes, he got promoted recently. It is Fall. Again. Since time passes quicker in the game I imagine Alvaro came to Twinbrook around two years ago. Since he’s basically living at the station and concentrating on his job he doesn’t have many social relationships but he’s working on it. Anyway, Jed is amazing. I will try and watch his development.

There’s the Fall festival.

There’s Harwood Clay, I think. He’s creepy. He’s hanging around barefoot and it what might be his sleeping wear, I don’t know. Alvaro likes his guitar playing and I think after two years of community service there are few things that can actually surprise him.



So he lets himself be persuaded into a pie eating contest. This ought to get interesting.


There is Alvaro, a police officer of sorts… Dudley… Dudley something I forgot. I’m bad with names. And a lady. I’m not sure who she is but she’s married to somebody Alvaro knows, it might be DeAndre. Again, bad with names. I should write them down the next time.


I will just leave this here. I am slightly uncomfortable. I don’t know who the child is. Somebody just dropped it there and walked away.

Everything is done in the line of community service. I think this is Alvaro’s good night prayer.


“What have I done?”


This is the face of a loser who is just about to puke. Cop Dudley Something won. I have no idea why.


“I will go die in a corner now.”


Somewhat recovered from his pie eating ordeal, Alvaro tries to get the cash register lady to talk to him but she just stares into space. At least he got her number.


Twinbrook is pretty sometimes.

This conclues this episode of Alvaro’s struggles in line of community service. He still needs to get laid.

Also I just can’t take this game seriously. I am sorry. I am trying to find a serious narrative. But then things happen and it is hilarious and I just can’t. I probably just should give up trying and just write.


One comment on “Alvaro, pt6: Coworkers and Pies

  1. cathytea says:

    I agree that it’s hard to write serious in TS3–it’s so whacky! I love it, though. SO much fun to play!

    Liked by 1 person

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