Chapter 3: Growing

With Sean’s birth, it was easy to tell where the center of McGregor’s life lay.

Natalia stayed at home to care for Sean, while Tony was working ever harder – he knew he wouldn’t stay in shape forever and once Sean was two years old, the trailer would become a little bit too cramped. He wanted to offer his son a comfortable home where he would have space to grow.


But even when much revolved around Sean now, Tony and Natalia always found time to nourish their own love.


And Natalia thought, even though they met in the second half of their life, their love was growing strong like a tree, its roots deep within their souls.

Sometimes Tony went on rather dangerous assignments. Every time before leaving, he stood over Seans crib, watching his peaceful expression, bathing in the love he felt for him.


Natalia planted some seeds in front of the house, because it gave her joy. She missed the lush gardens of her childhood home, but for now, she was content with the life she had.


There were visitors, too. George Dean, a policeman, often frequented the McGregor household. Many found the relationship between Tony and George strange. A high ranked criminal, the resident master thief – friends with a police officer. Tony and George usually managed to keep their work lives out of their relationship. And in the rare event where George actually had to arrest Tony, they always pretended not to know each other.


Tony held gatherings every few weeks, where he invited all his coworkers and their families. Rhoda was there every time, and lately Tony started to invite the Ivanov family. Yuri’s son Dimitri married a young woman called Anita. She was on a very fast path to becoming the head of staff at the hospital, and Tony thought that a friendship between Natalia and Anita would become beneficial once Sean was old enough to leave him with a babysitter.



Days went by, and seasons changed. Tony almost had enough money now to be able to afford moving. But when he didn’t think about his cramped trailer, he was content, even happy with his life – now, at last, he was leading the quiet life he always wanted.



“Sweet dreams, my dear…”


“No more invoices, right?”


“Come on now, faster!”


“Here we go…”


“Maybe you could be friends…”


“Daddy seems to be busy…”


“…I wonder if he notices if I just push it down.”


“Every path starts with small steps.”


“Come on, don’t be afraid!”


“So, with all the attention Sean is getting from you, I had been feeling a little bit left out…”


Absolutely no chance to resist.


“Of course, you could be an IT-specialist as well.”



And there it was. The day of saying goodbye to the trailer house. Tony invited a great deal of friends and coworkers for one last gathering.



“But I will have a garden at the new house!”

One early morning they left the trailer. All their belongings were already packed and loaded and on their way to the new house.



It would take a while to adjust, but Tony firmly believed that it was a good and important decision. The house was three times bigger than the trailer, and had a spacious backyard and plenty of room left for Natalia’s garden.


“Time for bed, little one!”


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One comment on “Chapter 3: Growing

  1. pixelatedknight says:

    Sean is so cute! I can’t wait to see who he favours as he ages. I love your writing, it flows and has captivated me since the first chapter!


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