Voronov: New Beginnings

Blame CathyTea for that. She said, “start the damn story”. After reading her legacy (I’m over halfway now) I really felt inspired to do something like that myself. Focus not on the story aspect but on what I am feeling and thinking about my Sims. Explore their own personalities, their own wishes, in plain text, without wrapping it in pretty prose.

Also, this will be my playthrough. It will be my thoughts, not influenced by my partner’s wishes. Usually, when I play Sims, I ask him stuff and let him decide, because he got me into playing Sims, and he is happy when I let him partake.

But I need things for my own. Things that only I decide, because they are mine. There is so little left these days, so little that feels mine. My appartment is not mine anymore, there is his order everywhere. My daughter is not mine, she is her own now, because she’s 9 years old and I remember myself at that age. I would be furious with everybody who would try to own me.

So, what do I own? My thoughts. My imagination. That is my own freedom and nobody can take that away from me, even if my partner frequently tries. He is afraid of my freedom. He thinks that being free means being left alone, but those are completely different concepts. But as a willow that bends and doesn’t break, I won’t let my freedom be destroyed or taken away from me. And while I know that my partner will argue with me about it and yell at me for not including him, I feel that it is my given right to do things on my own.

The first torch holder will be Sergej Voronov. Sergej was my father’s name. My father was killed when he was 34. Voronov is a common russian surname. It means ‘of Ravens’ or something like that. Sergej Voronov was a roleplaying character of mine for a long time, and I always wanted to revisit his concept. The original SV was a music student, come to a foreign country for the university.

The Sim S. Voronov will be different. He, too, came to a foreign country to start a new life, but I don’t think he’s a musician. I chose collector’s aspiration for him, together with the obligatory “Loves The Outdoors” trait which is a must for every founder, I think. They spend most of their lifes outside. His other traits are Genius and Active, which might be a bit conflicting but might be not.

So here are my Legacy Rules:

  • Gender Law: Equality
  • Bloodline Law: Modern
  • Heir Law: First Born

And here’s SV himself. Would you believe everything about him was random, except the hair?



Another important thing is probably: I’m deleting all premade sims from the world. I let the game generate new sims for me. I just don’t like seing the same sims over and over. I will probably give clothing or hair makeovers to some of the population.

SV will move into Oasis Springs. Why? Because I rarely play there and it’s a lovely change of atmosphere. His estate will wear the name of Raventree.


One comment on “Voronov: New Beginnings

  1. cathytea says:

    I said “dang” not “plum!” LOL!

    He’s gorgeous.

    I love that you’re doing this for you. It’s really neat that you’ll be using it as a way of expressing what thoughts need expressing.


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