1.2: Work

I already decided prior to playing that I want SV to have an active career introduced in get to work. I played doctor already but I don’t like it much, so that leaves Scientist or Detective. I played scientist too and I like it. I never played Detective yet. So I think SV will get a sneak peek into that. If he doesn’t like it there, he can change and be a scientist anytime.


Yup, there’s nothing there. Don’t look at me like that. I can’t change that. You can. Go catch some criminals.

Nah, let’s go to the Gym first.


Show them!

There are already people at the gym and I’m pretty excited to meet them.


Gym Trainer Jensen Oliva.


Some guy called Dandre Bower.


“I just moved here.”

It’s a pity that you can’t have the speech/thought bubbles on screenshots in TS4 without having the whole UI. I turned “capture UI” on for now. If I don’t want it, I will use the TAB camera mode. I like having the speech/thought bubbles. They tell a whole story by themselves.

I guess, Jensen will be SV’s buddy now since they share a trait and SV would frequent the gym often.

I’m also trying to pay more attention to his whims. I used to control my sims a lot in the other savegames and forgot about looking at the whims entirely. So… I left him free will for the day and he talked to various people in the gym and then I sent him for a jog because he wished for it.


There’s no place like home.

I’m not yet sure about the police career. He sure looks great in the uniform, though!


“Maybe I can check my mails when the boss isn’t looking…”


“That view. No, I’m kidding. There’s like, nothing, absolutely nothing out there.”


“I don’t believe a word you say but I’m have to write it down because my boss says so.”

I think the career is bugged. The first day kind of sucked because I couldn’t do half of the tasks. There weren’t any criminals to work with! He came home tense and dirty so I sent him to the gym to have a shower.

There’s a young woman, Elyse. I like her and she’s flirty when Sergej talks to her. So we ask her if she’s single and indeed, she is!


“Wow, I can’t believe I have that much of luck!”

So he invites her to the bar and they start to have a lovely conversation, but it’s bear night and the place is soon overrun by bears. I think Elyse doesn’t like bears because she takes off without saying goodbye.


Just look at that.

Sergej wants to find a new frog so he’s going on his collecting rounds before returning home and going to bed. Let’s see what the next day at work will bring. If it doesn’t work again, he will go to the science lab!

Police station is definitely bugged. SV survived the day and even earned a promotion but only a meager 360$ bonus. I decided that I don’t like police work, but will gave it another shot.

We found out that Elyse is SV’s coworker. So maybe police work has some good sides. In the evening, he invites her to the park. They definitely have that chemistry.


“We could go for dinner someday!”


“Do you ever want to have kids?” – “Of course I do!”


“I wonder if she will reject my idea…”


“This is definitely worth being a policeman.”


He’s probably watching her more often than his screen.

But I still don’t like the police career.


2 comments on “1.2: Work

  1. cathytea says:

    I like her! She’s got “masculine” hair–I’ve given a few female Sims that hair (including my SimSelf)–I love it!

    Also, are you using MC Command Center? (I forget if I’ve already asked…) I love it because it can prevent culling of Sims, ghosts, and relationships…


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