1.3: For Science

Sergej quit the detective job and joined the science career. I think, being a genius, it’s more fitting for him.

I spent his earned money to buy him a woodworking table and a bookcase – only a children bookcase, because it was the cheapest, so he had something to do after work. As he was reading a book, he recieved an invitation to Elyse’s home. Of course we accepted.


But then a guy – possibly a housemate, possibly a brother – having the same last name stepped out of  the house and somehow the conversation went from flirty to awkward and Sergej decided to leave.


I got a nice personnel friendly lab from the gallery and Sergej seems to be a lot more happy as a scientist than he was on his prior job. I am happy too. He got a promotion at the end of the work day and was invited to celebrate it. Of course he went. He had fun talking to random people. He wrote a happy and an energized text to Elyse, hoping she would come over, but she didn’t.


Skip forward a couple of days. Sergej is really enjoying his science career. Alas, it’s weekend. Which means we will go on a big collecting spree.


Our current setup. He’s got a shower now. Also sold the woodworking bench and got a science station. SV didn’t seem to like the woodworking bench. He didn’t want to use it even once but he went to experiment analyzing when I wasn’t looking!


A snack in the park after a long day of digging up rocks.


A frog rack. For frogs. You know.


“Why did I have to say that?”

It doesn’t seem to be working out with Elyse as I thought it would. After he quit his policeman job, she doesn’t go into flirty mood as soon as she sees them. They’re best friends now, but every time he tries a romantic action, it turns awkward and all she does is facepalm.

I guess she liked him as a policeman, but not as scientist. So in truth, she liked his uniform, not himself as a person. I guess, he will have to direct his attention elsewhere. There was this scientist, Aubrey McNamara… he already rolled a whim to flirt with her. Let’s see if something goes there…


“Did I ever tell you that everytime I see you smile it’s like sunshine and… stuff… yeah… that sounded better in my head.”


“It’s probably your lip shape… uh… sorry.”

Yeah, I just think he’s awful at flirting. She likes talking to him but it gets awkward once he tries something.

We’re invited to a party.


Elyse is there and a couple of other young women. Sergej is concentrating on his dancing for a while. Elyse is hitting it off with the girl in the red sweater. Hearts are floating between them. Maybe Elyse just likes girls, that’s why she didn’t want to hear any flirts from SV. Maybe SV likes guys. I would love to explore that idea but my partner will protest loudly, I suppose. He keeps quiet about girls and girls but guys and guys is a red flag for him.

I’m not sure I want to hear it right now, so let’s concentrate on girls. It’s safer this way.


That’s Alyiah or something. She’s rather plainly dressed but we don’t care for fashion choices.


For a moment it looks like she’s enjoying his attention. But then… nope… awkward territory.


“I’ve been a cop once.”

Still he seems to be having a total blast, even if it doesn’t work out with the girls. Caught up with the party, I forget to check the time. Dang. He has to go to work in 2 hours. I guess it’s time to purchase some Z-juice. The party must go on.


Just before he leaves there’s a new face. He is impressed and has a whim to flirt with her, but he has to go and do science.


After work, Elyse drops by.


“I was just driving through the neighbourhood, you know.”


Sergej tries once more to make a move. That’s the last time. It doesn’t work though the green friendship bar is completely full.


Sergej is thinking about science and Elyse is thinking about parties. I guess that kind of sums up their relationship.


One comment on “1.3: For Science

  1. cathytea says:

    This is really fun! I love being able to watch your Sims and hear your thoughts!


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