1.4: The party must go on

It’s another weekend. SV’s halfway through his young adult life so he really needs to step up his game. Going to bed from a long rock digging run through Oasis Springs, Aliyah or what’s her name called and invited him to a restaurant I put into the neighbourhood from the gallery.


Restaurant was nice but Aliyah didn’t want to stray into romantic territory.


Disappointed, SV went to find a party again. There he met his first buddy Jensen Oliva. We found out he is married to some Billy. Then we found out that Billy is Elyse’s brother or possibly flatmate. They share the same name. It was the blond guy who didn’t want to invite Sergej inside.


“You don’t look well, shall I drive you somewhere?”

Sergej stayed the whole night up dancing. In the morning, he went to a café looking like crap, and then to the pool, but it was only old women there. Time to find another party. There are 2 nightclubs in Windenburg, so we went to try another one.


She’s nice. Her name is Christian Cortez. Christian. Yes. Just like that.


“Don’t wet your pants, sugar!”


That’s the third time I’m buying a sleep replacement drink. Also the first savegame where I buy that at all. I never ever bought it before. SV is determined to wait until Christian is done with her shift.


The usual party gang. The guy in the blue shirt is Jake Bryant. He’s a loner slob that hates children but he’s been at every dance party so far. He’s our friend now.


Christian looks very different in her civil clothes. Still, we like her.


“I didn’t wet my pants, you know.”


They’re both very flirty and it’s a steamy exchange. It must mean something. Before he screws it up, we say goodbye and go home to take a cold shower, because staying up the whole night dancing starts you to reek.


A way to ease the work stress a bit.

Feeling bold, Sergej invites Christian to a date. It’s past midnight, but she agrees. I guess she’s used to stay up at night, being a DJ.



She really likes him. They’re both in flirty mood, and the date goes really great. But in the midst of having a deep conversation, we find out her third trait. She hates children. Now, what rotten luck you have, SV! The first woman not to reject your advances, and she’s a perfectionist Snob who Hates Children.


But Sergej’s on a roll, he can’t stop now. She walks out and he follows. They have their first kiss outside. At least it’s the first one for him, we’re not sure about her.


They continue inside on the couch while a guy named Paris Stoner continues watching TV. Oh well, with that name, I’m not wondering.

The date is ended with a gold medal. Once she left, SV stays behind. Three hours until work, he gets another Sleep Replacement Potion. I guess, as a scientist, you can have those on subscription.

His friend Jensen is here and SV talks to him until it’s time to go to work.


Now I’m not sure about Christian. The spark is there. Definitely. But she hates children. I don’t know how to work around that. I don’t know how that trait manifests since I never had a sim with that trait. Reading CathyTea’s legacy has showed me that you can work around a lot of ‘negative’ traits.

I’m probably giving it a try.

SV comes home from work and earns a promotion and at the very moment Alyiah or what’s her name invites him to a party. SV loves parties. Of course we’ll go to the party.


And of course, our DJ is Christian Cortez, looking awesome in her party clothes. Oh well. I have no idea where this is going.

She ends her work pretty quickly though and stays to hang out. The happening shifts itself to the pool, where SV is doing a backflip while girls are watching.



Christian is pretty for sure!


After Christian leaves, SV decides to have a chat with his co-worker Jill. That’s the blonde. She’s pretty too!

We find out that she’s a goofball loner who loves the outdoors. That’s a nicer combination. But she probably doesn’t want to know anything romantic from Sergej, knowing his luck.


Still, they have a nice chat and even hug in the end!


The party is still going strong, so yeah… right… another Sleep Replacement. By this rate, he will be living exclusively on Z-Juice and that Instant Food potion he makes.


One comment on “1.4: The party must go on

  1. cathytea says:

    Goofball loner! What great traits! I do love the snob trait–perfectionist, too! And… I’m not sure I’ve ever played much with a “hates children” trait. One of the little girls in my Dr. Jasmine’s Casebook story, she’s a Townie, both of her parents have that trait! She’s almost always sad or mad or both!


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