1.5: Adulthood is a myth

Between work, meeting his buddies Jensen and Jake, SV kind of forgot his adult birthday approaching. Damn. And I set myself the goal to let him have children by that date.

Coming from work, he felt the urge to send a happy text to somebody and we chose Jill, his blonde coworker. She’s pretty and she doesn’t hate children. Yes, the fling with Christian was great and there was a certain chemistry going on, but life is all about choices. Relationships are about choices. And Sergej didn’t have any wishes regarding Christian. So maybe she’s not the one to choose.

Having recieved the happy text, Jill invited us to hang out in a cafe.


“Seeing you is like sunshine.”

After a while, she even responded to his flirts!



“Do you want to take the conversation elsewhere?”

And boy, now we’re on a roll.



“You make my heart take off like a rocket.”



The date was a total success. We earned our second gold medal.

And it’s his birthday. Today. Wow. I don’t know what to think about it. Time flies too fast. We invite ourselves to Elyse’s house since Elyse has been our first friend and we don’t have furniture.


“I wonder what wish should I make…”


“It’s not wrong to wish for scientific successes and many riches, isn’t it?”

The party itself was rather unspectacular. It was only a silver medal since the lot didn’t have any games to play with 3 sims and only 2 computers, so I couldn’t get the objective for 3 sims playing games at the same time.

Jill ended up going home with Sergej. She was feeling flirty and actually initiated the conversation. One thing kind of led to another…




Afterwards, Sergej is happily sleeping and giggling sometimes. Jill, however, gets up. Maybe she is feeling so full of energy that she can’t sleep. Maybe she doesn’t feel comfortable enough sleeping next to him yet. I don’t know. I watch her turn on his cheap stereo and dance for hours.





When Sergej wakes up, they hug and have a chat. And he is basically melting under her touch. She’s still wearing her party clothes.

We ask her to move in and she agrees. I think she was the better choice than Christian. Sure, Christian had groove and style, but Jill is the better long-term partner for Sergej. She would be a better mother for his children. Upon her joining the household, I get the Chief of Mischief achievement or what it’s called. She has lvl 10 Mischief! And lvl 6 fishing. So she’s definitely got some favourite pastimes. I think we will add gardening to that list.

They spend the day in the park. There is not much to do on the home lot yet. She is fishing and he is digging out rocks, mostly. On the next day, they are feeling a lot more comfortable around each other. Being a scientist as well, she makes use of his equipment.


After both came home from work, a lady friend of Jill came by and they chatted. Sergej went to dig up rocks and I forgot it was Jill’s adult birthday. She aged up in the middle of conversation with her friend. Nobody seemed to care. She went on telling her friend about aliens and sunsets. She got the sad moodlet, but it was buried under a whole array of happy moodlets. So I think, she doesn’t care that much, being a loner, and a goofball. She doesn’t care about being an adult either, because the next thing she did was performing a prank on her friend.

What defines adulthood, anyway? My own birthday is coming up next week, and I couldn’t care less. I don’t feel any different than I felt last year, except that the circumstances of my life change. I don’t like the current circumstances, but I will survive them. I don’t really have a choice. But surviving is not fun by itself. That’s why I play games – I seek for distractions.

I used to play games 10 years ago, and 20 years ago, and while the games change, my fascination in them remains the same, because for me, it’s not just a way to keep my brain busy, but it is a way to enjoy creation. A game is a work of art in itself, a collaborative piece of many artists. And it inspires creation as well. When I think about it, or write stories about it, I create. Thoughts, ideas. Snippets of text. So it’s good, I think. Better than drowning yourself in drugs or alcohol or the crap that’s on TV.


2 comments on “1.5: Adulthood is a myth

  1. Really loving this! SV is so handsom! I think the science career fits him way better than the detective one he started with. And Jill is gorgeous!


  2. cathytea says:

    Happy birthday!

    I agree with you about games being art, and playing games being acts of creation. We learn so much about life and ourselves!


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