1.6: Together


Jill is pregnant. SV wants to spend lots of time with her, constantly rolling romantic and friendly whims about her. So we take a vacation day and go on a few dates – since Jill’s aspiration is Soulmate.


“I have read this amazing research about robots!”


Jill doesn’t care what the gardener might think.


“In case you aren’t sure, just treat it like a research project: how long can you put up with me…”


“Can a person be so cute and so stupid at the same time? Of course I will wear your ring.”


“How about going for a coffee in that new restaurant?”


“And how about going across the street to the church and have an impromptu wedding party? So we both can go to work tomorrow?”

Well, one thing led to another. It kind of felt rushed, but it also felt if they were on a roll, and things went so well, and they were happy, so I went with it. It was a blur mostly, but they laughed the entire time and had a great time.


“I will just have one!”





“I just want to go to bed.”


Did I mention they don’t have to sleep outside anymore? Well, they have a bedroom of sorts now.


That’s Kamden. He’s a teen. In SV’s brief career as a cop, he talked to him on the street while Kamden still was a child. Since then, he’s coming over to visit now and then.

“How’s married life, guys?”

“Awesome! Don’t you see?” – note Jill’s expression which is something between annoyed and amused.

I’m not sure how much of the ingame events I should write down. I think that I won’t write about every little detail because that gets tiring after a while. It’s the big picture that matters to me in this case. I often get lost in detail – it’s the same for me with painting, too. I get lost in the placement of leaves on a twig and forget the light that touches the tree. I will try not to get lost here, but play this legacy to the end. If I finish it, it would be the first. I started 3 or 4 already. I got to the 4th generation once. Then I kind of lost the motivation, though I still think about the Greenbloom family, and perhaps I come back to it once.

Here, I tend to post a bunch of screenshots, but I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to write about my perception of the game. I wanted to think about what the game makes me think about. I wanted to question it. Question my own decisions, my own way to play the game. I feel that I am losing the way, getting lost in retelling the events, again.

It’s my birthday tomorrow. I’m turning 28. I don’t feel 28. I feel like 16, and I still feel like I have not found my place in life yet. There are too many things that I want to be, to become, to live. I am feeling the fear creeping in, the fear that I won’t be able to experience these things. I still have the “I want to be …. when I grow up”, but I am a grown up. I am approaching thirty. I haven’t done shit.


2 comments on “1.6: Together

  1. cathytea says:

    Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday!

    I am late, because I fell behind on reading, and I’m wishing with all the enthusiasm of lateness!

    So… lots to share. I love the way that you’re writing this story. Sometimes the details are just what we need to see the little events of the day. And sometimes, the big picture is great.

    And I love how you share your thoughts–I like when they come at the end of a chapter, but anyplace is great!

    When my grandma was in her 90s, she said to me, “You know how you felt inside when you were 18? I feel like that.”

    I am 57. Inside, sometimes I feel 12. Sometimes, I feel timeless. 28 is a big year! Saturn return and all of that! I hope for you that it brings a touch of timelessness, so that you can enjoy all that you do, have done, and are!

    Many happy returns!


  2. Happy late birthday!

    Great chapter!

    I just wanted to say, don’t feel bad about not knowing what you want to do. You still have plenty of time! My mother, who’s in her 50’s, always says to me “I still don’t know what I’m doing when I grow up!”. Take time to figure it out.


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