1.7: Welcome Lara

I added a fishing pond on my plot the other day. I know it is kind of cheating, but the neighborhood doesn’t have a fishing option and the lot options are kind of limiting in Sims4. I just don’t want to travel to the park or wherever to be able to fish. I think there are fishing options on all the other legacy lots, just not in Oasis Springs. So yeah. It is a little pond in the back of the lot. I paid for all the vegetation so I guess it’s not cheating very bad.


I expanded the kitchen a bit. It’s got a back window and a small eating area now, but everybody is still taking their food outside. Jill often has visitors now. Everybody she knows is randomly coming over. I have made a club for her friends now but haven’t started any gatherings yet.


“Yes, I’ve made a very good catch. Most people don’t see it yet, but I know it.”


“I don’t regret moving here. It’s simple, and we don’t have much, but I love it here.”


“We will have to buy toys…”

It’s finally time! And it’s a girl. Her name is Lara. Lara Voronova.


“Welcome, little one.”


“Maybe you will be the one to discover aliens!”

When not taking care of the baby or working, Jill is tending the garden and fishing in the pond. The money has to keep coming in.

I’m pretty sure we will be having another baby soon, because…


We haven’t acted on it yet, though. I want to wait until Lara is a child, first.

My writing is all over the place again. I kind of don’t have time and motivation for a longer play session currently, so it’s like… peek in for 10 minutes, do things, forget what everything is about, zone back out, browse the internets, peek back in, forget a birthday, forget to pay the bills, freak out and close the game.

We will see how it will continue.


One comment on “1.7: Welcome Lara

  1. cathytea says:

    Welcome to the digital world, Lara!

    I love your writing in this story–and I like the ‘freak-out’ style of play, too. I did that a lot in my legacy!


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