1.8: Aliens

This play session starts with Sergej and Jill doing the usual stuff: working with science equipment, tending the garden, chatting up Day of the Dead folks for the skull collection. The baby, well, is being a baby. Jill is back to work again. She’s got another promotion, but Sergej is still ahead of her.

We  have bought a boxing bag so Sergej can work out a little bit more. Being active, he needs the movement to unwind from a long day at work.


Jill randomly dressed up in a pretty dress I don’t remember giving her, and she clearly wants to have a microscope. When we have a little bit more money, we will buy one.


There’s an announcement about Lara’s birthday. She won’t be a baby much longer. But until that happens, it’s business as usual.

But then!

Just has Sergej wanted to go to bed, there is an ominous music and a bright light, and a gentle gliding upwards.


And I literally thought of this picture at the very moment that happened.

I suppose Sergej is having a fair chance to study alience from close up! This is a live blogging chapter, by the way. I am at it right now. I saved the game at the very moment he disappeared from view. I had a break to have dinner. I am so excited.

Jill is not noticing any of this. She’s eating a salad standing in front of the fridge. The baby is, well, still a baby.

Speaking of babies.

There is male pregnancy in TS4, isn’t there? Could it be, we’re getting actual alien babies? That would be so freaking cool.

Jill has a shower and goes to bed, completely oblivious to where her husband is and why he is nowhere in sight. She probably assumes he went for a jog, since he does that sometimes.

Finally, Sergej is returned with a loud bang. He feels a little bit dazed, I suppose. But he has the very focused mood, and he feels really awesome having met aliens.


“Did this seriously happen right now?”

It’s time to go to bed, Mr. Scientist.

And as soon as he is lying next to Jill, I get the birthday announcement for Lara. Time to roll the dice!

Lara gets to be a music loving Whiz Kid. I love this. Daughter of two scientists, being a whiz kid really fits her! And music – considering that Sergej loves to dance, it kind of fits too.

Her first action is to go straight to the dancing place and bust out some moves.


What’s with those boots? Oh well, your choice, Lara. We’re living in a free world. If you want to wear rain boots to the desert, there’s noone stopping you.



Just look how pretty she is. I think she will be beautiful when she grows up.


We’re going to impersonate a dragon in the parents bedroom.


But alas, the only thing on Jill’s mind is: “Who left the stereo on?” She walks out to turn it off, then goes to take a shower. Lara is completely confused by her mother’s behaviour.


Looking kind of sad, she lies down next to her still sleeping father and has a nap. I take this as my cue to make some rebuilding. She will need a room, or a bed at least, and her own science equipment.


I spend all of our funds to redecorate the entrance area.


And Lara gets a small room at the back of the building. The building is temporary. Once they accumulated a little bit more money, I will rebuild the house from scratch. Or maybe not. So far, things just randomly come together, without any planning on my part.

We probably need a computer for building Lara’s skills, but we are flat broke now.


“Music”, Lara says. “It’s the essence of everything.”


“Maybe”, her mother answers. “But be sure to clean up after your experiments while we’re at work.”


They share a meal of grilled cheese together before Jill and Sergej leave for work. Lara is alone.

I think we’re going to the park to check on the local Park Boys, and, of course, explore the universal music.


One comment on “1.8: Aliens

  1. cathytea says:

    Oh, I love this ! Lara is very beautiful ! I adore all those plants at the entrance ! Hope you get an alien baby !

    Liked by 1 person

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