1.9: Park Boys

That’s a sort of live blogging chapter again. A stream of conciousness, if you want to give names to my style of writing. I haven’t started playing yet. I am looking forward to it very much.

There has been a lot of shit going on in my daily life, I don’t want to elaborate, but it has something to do with my daughter and her father and a possibly upcoming custody battle and it breaks my heart and I can’t fall asleep for hours and my back hurts and I can’t concentrate on important stuff but I have to keep going.

Basically, this is my escape. I’m leaving the troubles outside. Lara’s world is bright and sunny and full of unexplored possibilities. I don’t know her future, I’m not planning this ahead, I’m just watching. Today we’re going to meet the Park Boys. The Park Boys belong to Cathy, at least the name does, and since this thing is very much inspired by Goofy Love, I will just steal it. I know she doesn’t mind.


Parents are at work, Lara is tired because she danced through the whole night. She doesn’t have enough points to buy a sleep juice, so I let her take a nap.


This is how she gets up. This girl is awesome. And yes, she will get the dragon very soon. She is thinking about it a lot.

In the park, there is exactly one boy. His name is Bennett Gaines.


Before I can direct her to go and talk to him, she runs off to play chess. She definitely got her priorities straight!


“Do you want to play chess with me?”

His trait is Cheerful. So far, he’s nice.


She joins him on the spaceship for a while, then I send them to play chess.


As soon as they are seated and start thinking really hard about the game situation, a teen with a drink in his hand joins them and introduces himself to Lara. He’s feeling playful. His name is Dean Glenn.

After exchanging some lines, he goes off to play chess by himself. Parents are back from work, but they are in a really bad state, so I let them take care of themselves at home. Sergej got another promotion. That’s a good thing. We need all the money we can get.

It’s getting late, though, and Bennett gets up and says that he has to clean up his room or something else and leaves. Lara heads home as well.

At home, we find Sergej in bed and Jill dancing, still in her lab coat. Lara joins her, since she wishes to dance to stereo music.


She’s feeling focused and wantes to use a telescope. We don’t have one. But we got promotion money. So… yes. Let’s buy a telescope.

We also have a new heavy duty shower. It’s a promotion gift. Since we’re at it, we also buy a bathroom sink and a mirror. Up to this point, they had to venture to the kitchen to wash hands after visiting the bathroom. Now they don’t have to walk.


The shower. Also Jill cleaning the toilet because somebody has to.

In the morning, Sergej wakes up, goes to make BLT Sandwich and breaks the fridge. How do you break the fridge? You’re a scientist, damn it. You should know how to operate a fridge.

I wake up Lara and together they finish her homework just in time for school. Nice teamwork, dad!

Everybody heads off to work/school. The lot is empty, except for the butterflies. And the fish in the fish pond.

I’m going to take a break now and eat something.


One comment on “1.9: Park Boys

  1. cathytea says:

    That was a lovely chapter . .. I really like the stream of consciousness approach to writing . Sending supportive thoughts for the challenges in life . ..


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