1.11: Meet Sveta


Shortly after having a pre-parental panic, Sergej rolled the wish to kiss Jill. He still loves her a lot, even if he has to give her lots of personal space, with her being a loner and everything, so they don’t interact very much, if I don’t direct them to.

Jill then fell into panic herself and started to clean up everything and put away books and dirty dishes, completely autonomous.

And so her second daughter was born directly in the kitchen. Which is actually a traditional place for babies to be born, because there is heat, and access to water, and most of the social life in the early days was taking place in the kitchen, instead of in front of the TV.


Sveta is a russian name, a short form of Svetlana. It has something to do with Svet, which means light.

I am looking forward finding out how she will grow up.

Meanwhile, Lara is experimenting with radioactive chemicals, oblivious to what’s going on. I don’t disturb her. You should leave a scientist in peace when he’s working.

Lets skip forward a little bit. Bennett is still coming to visit every day. He’s now Lara’s best friend. The baby is being a baby.

We get the notification that it is Sergej’s elder birthday soon. He’s not ready to be an elder yet. Both him and Jill will be getting their youth potion soon.


Sergej invites his guy friends, Jake and Ashton, back from where he went partying all night. They spend some time dancing and talking to each other, and Sergej’s fun meter, that’s been low for days, is finally full again. I think he needs his friends around more often. I will try to invite them over now and then.


The boys keep dancing until it’s morning. Jill joins them and we discover that Ashton is an alien. Jill loves aliens and is very happy about that.

Lara has made A in school. Now she’s on vacation, working on her skills. She completed her Whiz Kid Aspiration too!

Both Jill and Sergej go to work in a very focused mood, and Lara wants to meet someone new, so we’ll go to the park.

There’s another boy. His name is Goopy Covington. Seriously? Goopy? Really? I don’t know what to think about it.


Hi, Goopy.

While Lara is talking to Goopy, Bennett is playing Chess alone. I imagine he feels a little jealous, because he was Lara’s only friend until then, and now she’s talking to somebody else.


And now the game has crashed. Wonderful. I don’t remember when I saved the last time. I hope Goopy still exists. I am in love with that name.

Great. I lost two days of progress. Now I’m kind of pissed. Oh well… Now I will remember to save every time I minimize the game to resize screenshots or write…


One comment on “1.11: Meet Sveta

  1. cathytea says:

    Sorry for the game crash! SOOOO happy that Goopy survived! šŸ™‚


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