1.12: Search for Goopy

I didn’t lose that much progress after the crash, but I will remember to save more often now.

Goopy wasn’t present at the park in this reality, but Bennett’s evil brother was. His name is Waldemar, and he disliked Lara from the start, and they yelled at each other.


We’re flat broke again. I worked a little bit on the lot layout. That will be the entrance area in the center, but there are three pathways leading onto the lot from the main street.

Lara is at the park again while the parents are at work. Alas, Goopy isn’t there. It’s Waldemar again.

I will have to look where the Covingtons live, because I am very intrigued by Goopy and want to meet him. A boy with that name just ought to be special.

We got a double promotion. Sergej is now at level 8 of his career. We’re gonna continue rearranging the house with that money.

Finally, Sveta is becoming a child! She rolled the Genius trait and the Social Butterfly aspiration. She, too, is a worthy daughter of a pair of scientists!


This is how I find her. What’s with those kids and the boots? She stands there for a while. I don’t do anything, waiting for her first autonomous action. She’s feeling fine, looking out of the window, thinking of nothing specific.

Then Lara shows up and Sveta goes to meet her. They hug. Sveta goes to the fridge while Lara runs off to the monkey bars. Well, why not.


I’ll be rearranging the house again. The clusterfuck of skill items is kind of getting on my nerve.

It’s weekend again, so the family goes to the park to meet people and work on aspirations. Sergej finds a new frog and Sveta talks to a lot of people, but is easily bored with conversations.

Also, we have met Dandre Covington, who must be brother of Goopy. So I have hopes that Goopy does still exist, even if I haven’t found the Covingtons in my brief look through the family management.


This is Dandre. He sees horses where Lara sees llamas, but then again, llamas and horses are really similar from a certain angle. He’s a Loner, but loves to talk to Lara. Maybe, being daughter of a Loner, she knows how to talk to them.

It’s time to work on Jill’s aspiration for a bit, so we go and have a date, while the children are heading home – they’re tired anyway.

You know how dates go. I didn’t get a gold metal, by the way, just 2 silver ones. One notable moment was when they decided to go skinny dipping at the night club pool.



Continuing the tradition of weird clothes, Sveta has bunny slippers and skeleton pyjamas. This family has such a unique style to me. It is weird but it is fitting. I like it.


Lara’s friend Bennett has grown up. He’s looking okay, I’d say. He still loves Chess. His second trait is Self-Assured. I think it makes a nice combination with Cheerful.


After selling some produce, we have some money. The girls get a dragon toy. “You’re such an adorable little dragon”, Sveta goes at him. “I love you so much!”



“Daddy! Daddy, come quick, I just discovered a monster! I wanted to catalogue it, but it’s too scary! You have to help me! It’s for science!”


The bathroom is the perfect place for secret girl talk. This way, parents can’t accidentally overhear you.

At school, I direct Lara to make friends. And there! Lara has met Goopy. He’s still there. He’s alive! We will invite him as soon as possible.


Goopy is a teenager now. The girl is Chantel, the only female child we encountered so far. 142.jpg

Sveta and Chantel immediately wander off to play on the bars. And I keep forgetting to turn on the roof when making screenshots. Yes, there is a roof.


Goopy said something weird to Lara. I have no idea what. I was busy with acquiring furniture for the entry room. Goopy is a glutton. I don’t know his second trait yet, since Lara became bored and wanted to read a book.


The furniture is mostly CC.

I made a club for Lara, called Park Boys, and invited all of the boys she met at the park, including Goopy, because we first saw him in the park, before the game crashed. Lara will have a birthday very soon. She’s almost finished her second aspiration.


On the day of her birthday, she called the first club gathering together. The Park Boys are all grown up! But that’s not a big deal, since Lara will be a teen at the end of the day. That’s Bennett in the red sweater. The one in the back is Dandre. I have no idea why he has brown hair now, he was blonde as a child. The one in the front with the funky pants is Orlando Mesa or something like that.


Sveta joins the party after school, working on her social skills. “Did you ever fly on a plane? It would be so exciting. I want to fly a plane when I’m grown up. Or maybe a rocket! Maybe dad has finished building a rocket until then!”

Lara has completed her second aspiration and starts on a third since she’s maxed out her social skill. I won’t be able to finish it until her birthday, but I can do some stages.


“Pinguins! They don’t live around here. We’re in a desert, you know. But it would be so cool if they did!”



“Will you still play with me even when you’re a teenager?”



One comment on “1.12: Search for Goopy

  1. cathytea says:

    Aw! I love these kids. And I really like the Park Boys club! Orlando is very cute.


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