1.14: Teenager Troubles

It is 2 pm at my place right now. I had to get up for work at 0:30. Work started at 2 am. I came home half an hour ago. Basically, I’m brain dead, but I have been looking forward to play, so I will for a while, probably with breaks. I will write in between.

The writing will probably be stupid because my brain is half asleep, but then again, I used to create the best paintings while in that state, back then, when I still, you know, actually painted.

We have left off at the party yesterday. The party is over. Life is going on. I have no idea what will happen. But everything is good, I think?

First of all, why is there a trash plant growing on the exakt same spot EVERY time? I have deleted this the third time already.


Second, the house is coming together slowly. I kind of had an inspiration of the layout based on a Sims3 building I saw in China. It had kitchen and living room in front and the sleeping quarters in a separate building in the back. I want to recreate something similar to this.


Here’s the current state of the plot, but the building will probably change once we gathered enough money to pull it off. Stuff is still very much all over the place. I’m also not quite sure if I like the geometrical layout I’m going for there. Maybe I will change it later. After all, a legacy plot is a living thing, changing every day.


Lara is honoring her Active trait, making boxing her second autonomous action as a teenager. And when Jill came to talk to her, she made an interesting statement.


“When I made enough money…”


“…I will buy a better computer.”

They still have the cheapest version!


She’s also very delighted to do her homework. She closed the book every few seconds and laughed to herself, before opening it back up.

She’s a very cheerful person so far.

Sveta, on the other hand, is mostly bored or fine. She seems to be less emotional than her sister, concentrating more on her mental abilities.


I also love when they do their homework together.


Sergej and Jill started to interact with each other more often. Jill often has wishes to kiss him, or to flirt with him. She rarely gets tense anymore and rarely gets the wish to be alone.

I’m kind of concentrating more on the kids, which is understandable, probably. Sergej still hasn’t finished his aspiration, which is to complete a collection – I’m missing only one element. One damned element!

And Jill has to go for a few dates yet, and I will come to it eventually… but now it’s weekend and the kids are back from school. Which means, we will go to the park and work on their aspirations a bit.


This is Waldemar, Bennetts brother. He used to be kind of evil when he was a kid, but now he just looks sad. He goes straight to his brother, asking for advice.


There’s clearly a girl (or possibly a boy) involved. And major heartbreak. They hug and Bennett starts talking to him, completely ignored Lara now, so I send her off to talk to strangers. She has the goal to introduce herself to 10 new sims.


Talking to all those strangers makes her really tense and angry. But at least her goal is complete!

Meanwhile, Sveta is making friends with Waldemar. He still looks kind of lost and sad, but at least he tries to smile.



Lara suddenly feels very angry and tries to calm herself down yelling at the mirror. Alright, girl, whatever works for you!

There are children at the house, and Sveta is desperately trying to be their friends because of the Social Butterfly thing. For me, it is the hardest aspiration ever. I always feel like I force my Sims into relationships they might not want. But the children seem to have fun dancing.

There’s one last thing I will do before I will head to bed for today. I will send the girls to the pool with their whole lot of friends.


When we arrive there, I find out that Goopy has grey hair, of reasons unknown to me. I guess it’s because he’s got CC hair and the game can’t recognize some of the colours properly. He was blonde as a child, so I will go into CAS and change it, or I will be forever confused, thinking he’s an Elder.


Here’s Goopy’s new hair. It is a lot more fitting!


Why is this guy blue? Is he an alien? I have no idea.

There’s a new boy by the last name of Terrell. Sveta tries to impress him with a random thing.


“I built this. I will be a famous inventor when I grow up!”


Jill doesn’t like to get splashed. I wouldn’t, either.


Sveta comes to cuddle with her mom. It is so intensely cute and sharply reminds me of my daughter and how I miss her right now.


Jill’s expression is many things at once to me. She is happy to hold her daughter, but she seems to be thoughtful. Maybe she is thinking about how fast she is going to grow up. And Sveta is just plain cute.

Jill and Sergej manage to fulfill all the goals for a gold level date during the pool party. Soon she’s completed the current aspiration level!


Back at home, everybody is tired and hungry. Jill doesn’t wait for the food, but heads straight to bed. No wonder! It’s already 5 AM.


Soon everybody is asleep. Sergej and Jill are facing each other, in their still very simple bedroom. There’s no other furniture there that is shown here.


Lara just sort of falls over, until I wake her up and direct her to sleep properly.


She will be getting her own room soon, when we have earned a little bit of money. It is a slow process, but we’re working at it.


With this, I conclude the today’s chapter and go to bed myself. I have to get up terribly early tomorrow…



One comment on “1.14: Teenager Troubles

  1. cathytea says:

    This is a lovely chapter! I really like these two kids. I also always had such a hard time with Social Butterfly. Finally, I figured out that if I save all the aspiration points to buy “Incredibly Friendly” as the very first one, then my Sim kids will be able to make friends quickly enough to complete the aspiration. Otherwise, it was super hard for me!


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