1.15: Backdrop

I had a very long and tiring day today and I am really looking forward to play for a bit, even if I’m trading sleeping time for that. This session won’t be very long.

I’ve been working at the science station, it’s a small square building currently located on the bottom left. Once I can afford it, it will have a second floor and the observatory will be on top of it. I will probably move it to the back of the lot someday and put a gardening/frog collecting shed there. After all, it’s really weird keeping your very expensive rocket science equipment in a shed right next to the street. But for now, it fits in that corner and will be there until it does not fit there anymore.

At the bottom right corner, I will do a fitness room. And probably something related to dance parties underground. I definitely want to have a hidden club room in the basement sometime. When we can afford it.

I also want to focus on getting that final element to finish Sergej’s Aspiration. And work on Jill’s aspiration a little bit. I’ve been neglecting it since I was concentrating on the kids so much.

After reading CathyTea’s latest writings, where she does interviews with her Sims, I thought about if I could do a similar thing. I guess I could do that for Lara. Or Sveta, when she grows up. But I can’t do this for Sergej or Jill.

Sergej is my founder. I love him, but he’s just me playing the game. Certainly, there are random factors I didn’t choose, like his very feminine walk style, and the fact that he starts to dance every time he feels tense. Sure, he has a personality. But the personality is shaped by me choosing how to play the game so much.

Jill is different. She’s generated by the game, so she is a first generation sim as well. I don’t know her past. I don’t know Sergej’s past as well, by the way. I don’t know where he came from. I don’t know why he came to Oasis Springs to start a living there. Maybe because of the science facility, which is clearly set in Oasis Springs. Jill is a scientist as well, they met at work. Also I always wondered if, when you have 2 Sims in the same active career, if you could control them both on the career lot, or if one of them shows up as an NPC, but you can’t. They are in different instances of the lot, apparently. Now when I follow one of them to work, I imagine they work in different branches now, so they don’t run into each other anymore when working.

And Jill has a personality I discovered by watching her. She’s always so happy. And despite being a loner, she starts to warm up to Sergej now, frequently starting romantic interactions. Maybe her Aspiration starts to show. But I can’t really get into her head. I don’t know what she’s thinking. Sure, I can interpret the thought bubbles, and construct things around them, but it’s not the same.

The girls however, they are a completely different thing. I watched them from the start. They don’t have a past I know nothing about. But they have their own, distinct personalities. They feel like characters in a story. They feel like complete people. They don’t feel like a bunch of choices I made on my personal preference. They were born ingame. Just like their future mates were. The Park Boys are all born ingame from game-generated NPCs, thanks to the Master Controller mod. They are shaped by their surroundings. They have memories. They are growing up.

While Sergej and Jill are just growing old, because I don’t know anything about their youth and childhood, because in the game, it did not exist.

But let’s go get some pictures.


That’s the current lot setup. Of course everything will be subject to change. But that’s the way with legacy lots.

It’s Sunday noon. The family got out of bed late, since they came home from their pool outing in the wee hours.


“Daddy, do you think we could have our own pirate ship?”


This is Abby Gary. She comes to visit very often. I have no idea why. She hasn’t a high friendship rating with anyone in the household, but she is hanging out at Raventree almost every day. She lives at Yuma Heights mansion, alone. Maybe she gets lonely in that huge house.

There is a Kamden Gary who possibly used to live at the house too because he used to visit as a teenager, but then didn’t. There also is a Demario Gary, who is a child still. He might be Kamdens son, but I don’t remember, because I don’t pay attention to Command Center notifications all the time.

I start being curious about the other sims in the world and about their relations to each other. Maybe it’s Lara’s Aspiration, Friend of the World, influencing me.


Speaking of Lara, I left her alone for a while. She keeps alternating between working out at the punching bag and dancing. I’m fine with that.


Alrighty then! What do we do next?

I read the descriptions and then spontaneously decide that she will try out painting and choose the painter aspiration.


The view out the kitchen window looks like a painting. I also kind of love the emerging colour scheme.


Bennett has come to visit. He’s still Lara’s best friend and her partner in crime. Maybe they will be more than that one day.


“We could go for a coffee someday”, she tells him after exchanging some pleasantries. He smiles and looks very happy. But the next time I look, he’s outside dancing with Jill, and Lara is reading a science fiction book.


On the next day, after the girls are back from school, we invite all the boys over. There is an impromptu dancing party, because the boys just start dancing.



“Guys, how am I supposed to concentrate on my homework like that?”


Sveta and Chantel are sharing secrets. Or maybe makings selfies. I’m not sure.


When Sergej and Jill come home from work rather tense, they join the dancing immediately.

And then Lara is confident and has the wish to use a bold pick-up line on someone. I feel it should be Bennett. Though I like Dandre. That’s the one in the checkered sweater. He used to be blonde as a child. He’s pretty cute, minus his blue eyebrows, but it’s probably just a teenager phase.


That’s Dandre.

But Bennett has been around Lara all the time. He came every day to play chess with her. They probably sat next to each other at school. He is her best friend. I think that she might be happy with him.

Let’s try that.


The conversation takes place in the kitchen, while the everyday life continues around them and household members as well as guests are doing whatever they are doing.


“Bennett? There’s something I have to tell you…”

Bennett looks alarmed at first. But then she hits him with her pick-up line and he is completely, instantly smitten.


“When you’re around, I feel as if my favourite baseball team had just won.”


“It’s almost like magic. It’s weird, I know, but…”


“When I’m the queen of this house, will you consider to be king?”

Bennett does not know what to do with his hands, or his eyes, because he’s looking at his feet, but he’s touched to his very heart. Lara seems to be proud of being the subject of his confusion.


She feels really awesome, having told Bennett that she has a crush on him.


They hug, of their own volition.

Now this is a good place for me to end the game for today. A happy place.


One comment on “1.15: Backdrop

  1. cathytea says:

    This is so sweet ! I really adore Bennett , and I love the family friends and neighbors that just hang out ! We had that at Cradle Rock ! I enjoyed your thoughts on in game born Sims !


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