1.16: Science on Fire

Today was not quite as gruesome as yesterday. I did a lot of office work though, had to plan a presentation. In the end, my brain almost shut down again. Thinking felt like swimming through molasses. This week, generally, is kind of hard on me. Lack of sleep, internal stress, thinking over stuff I can’t change, it all adds up.

I will be trying to get a promotion for Sergej today, but then again, it’s kind of hard to get him in the right mood for work, he usually gets tense in the middle of the shift and his performance is stalling. I guess he’d rather stay home with the girls, but I really want to get him to the top… Lara is an A student now, and she has 6 vacation days, so she will be using those to experience things and work on her skills. Sveta needs to work on her aspiration, as well.

Jill already finished one aspiration so she’s not under pressure anymore, in my eyes. She can do whatever she desires, as long she tends the garden now and then.


Bennett invited Lara to play hooky in a nightclub. Since she was alone on the lot, the others being at work and at school, I agreed. She was just about to eat something, so the first thing she did was order food. A lot of random people appeared, as these things go, and Bennett is sitting on the other side of the bar. But then Lara has a very specific wish. I guess we will try to grant it to her.


We will ask him out on a date.

Which means, we will go to the Van Haunt estate, since we’re already in Windenburg. Take a break from the desert. And the Estate has really beautiful parks surrounding it, and I rarely go there, because there are so many other things to do, but this time we will.


“…and then I opened the door and there was the bat, taking off from the ceiling and flying directly into my face!” 

Bennett is happy to listen to Lara’s ramblings for a while, then he has to excuse himself and go to the bathroom.


She kind of follows him to tell him a lot more crazy stories. She doesn’t seem to want to flirt to him, just talk. She doesn’t roll romantic wishes. But then again, they don’t have to, right? They’re still best friends.


“We really need to visit that bistro I saw on the way here someday!”

It’s a silver medal only, but that’s fine. We’re not under pressure. We have time for that later, when they feel up to it.

On the next day, I get the notification that Sveta’s birthday is coming up. She won’t go to school anymore, instead I will work on her aspiration.


We’re hanging around the sidewalk, trying to get that last skull that is missing for our collection. There’s a boy, Beau Valle. He’s looking kind of creepy.

But Sveta likes him. And she needs to befriend another child, so we ask him to hang out and he happily agrees. He’s got the Lazy trait.


Meanwhile, Jill’s(she’s staying home today too) girl club sets the science lab on fire.


I didn’t even know the science station could burn.


Lara comes home feeling tense, so I send her dancing. Jill joins her. Then we invite the Park Boys since Lara wants to start a Club Gathering.


The boys just come for the cardboard dancing mat, it seems.


On the next day, Sveta has enough points to purchase the Incredibly Friendly reward and completes her aspiration. I choose Rambunctious Scamp as the next one, because this one goes really fast and I have a small chance of completing it before her birthday.

The adults have to go to work, but I can’t find Jill anywhere. Upon looking, I locate her at the fishing pond.



Bennett appears and they have a game of chess like in the old times.


Lara decides to cook dinner and Bennett dances in the kitchen. They seem very comfortable around each other, which usually makes for a good relationship.

She has made an excellent quality meal. They eat standing up, and suddenly Lara is flirty, and the conversation turns into a suggestive one.


But before something serious can happen, Bennett says that he has to go and runs off. Maybe he just got scared.


For the first time in her life, Lara autonomously goes to water the garden. She looks very happy and chuckles to herself.


Tomorrow we will celebrate Sveta’s birthday, but now I have to go to bed.


One comment on “1.16: Science on Fire

  1. cathytea says:

    I love this family ! They’re developing into such individuals ! I love Bennett and Lara’s relationship . .. it feels warm and supportive !

    Liked by 1 person

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