1.17: Park Upgrade

Today is a particularly crappy day. There is a major incompatibility between me and my partner. He needs attention and he hates to be alone. I need solitude and being alone is the most natural state for me. I need solitude like air. If I can’t be alone for a period of time every day, I break down. I get headaches, I get back pain, my menstruation cycle fails. I literally get sick.

He wants me to tell him everything that happens at work at any given moment. I hate my phone because of him. I turned every notification sound off. I can’t talk to my friends anymore because if he sees that I’m online, it’s an endless volley of questions like who I’m talking to or why I’m not answering him.

I might want to tell him things after I came home, but if I already told him everything over messages, I don’t even want to see him after that. And we argue every other day about it, and about other similar things, because he wants to have his way, and I can’t live like that, and it drives me crazy, and every time I just wish he would just disappear and I would have my own life again.

But, alas, it is not possible, so I have to endure and survive and try not to break apart completely.


Sorry. I got carried away with ranting, but I just had to, otherwise my head would have probably exploded. Let’s turn my thoughts to a place where it hurts less to be alive. To a happier place. To Sveta’s birthday party.


“You don’t need to be afraid of growing up! Everything will be great!”


Lara is the first sim I have, I think, who regularly autonomously reads skill books. That’s the second time already that she does that. That’s the cooking book by the way. Maybe she’s looking for a recipe to make for her sister’s birthday.


“While they’re all buy in the kitchen, I’ll just sneak outside and… Oh, cake!”

She rolls Romantic for her teen trait. And Master Chef as her aspiration. Wow. I don’t think I ever got Master Chef in my previous games.


She looks very different from Lara, but very beautiful as well!


I like her hair! And somehow Goopy has got his grey hair again. I will be changing it someday.

And we had a gold level party!

Later, there was something happening between Lara and Ben. I will call him Ben from now on. It’s obviously easier than Bennett.


She went to bed after that, though, and Ben stayed outside for a while, listening to music, before he left.



Sveta is enjoying an early breakfast in solitude. And a leftover cocktail from the party.


Lara has been working out in the morning. She feels entitled to a piece of cake now.


I downloaded a slightly different version of the park and wanted to check it out. I like it, it’s an improvement over the original one! The family seems to like it as well.


Jill is trying out painting.


And there’s June, an obviously alien kid!


That’s Demario Gary. He’s a Self Assured Music Lover. Possible spouse material for Sveta. She seems to like him.


“Do you mind if I call you?”


Now he’s looking up aliens in a book after he saw June.

Sergej is overjoyed meeting June. It’s an alien! Live and in person.


“Yes, my parents came here from elsewhere.”

My playing time’s up for today. Let’s see if tomorrow is a better day…


One comment on “1.17: Park Upgrade

  1. cathytea says:

    Lovely to see your Sims’ lives! Sveta is very gorgeous . .. Romantic seems to fit her! And Ben continues to be awesome ! I need alone time, too. After the weekend I can’t wait for my drive into the office, alone!

    Liked by 2 people

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