1.18: Enchanted Springs

Today was a better day than yesterday.

I do not have any specific plans regarding the game. There are no birthdays coming up that I can remember. It’s just life. I will try to work on aspirations and completing a collection, so I can choose another aspiration for Sergej.


Sergej’s buddies Jake Bryant and Isaac Ashton are Elders now. And his first friend Jensen Oliver is dead. Many of the people he knew are dead. That’s the downside of having a longer life than your peer group.

I really love the autonomous interactions of the girls. Also, Lara is working out every day on her own, and Sveta is always doing her homework. Lara usually has wishes for telling jokes and other friendly interactions with family members. Sveta has flirty moods very often. We need to find her a boyfriend.

I put a pool venue in the neighborhood. I think it’s maxis made, to be found in the gallery: Enchanted Springs. I made some minor changes, added a few items, and went there with the entire family.



We invited Bennett for Lara and Demario for Sveta, but after the greetings the boys decide to hang out together in the small pool, completely ignoring the girls.



Jill makes a leap. I think her goofball trait overshadows her loner trait, because she’s constantly talking to somebody when I’m not looking, and she’s always happy.

And then Sergej takes a stroll through the neighborhood and completes the metal collection! Yes! Aspiration completed! I will choose the athletic aspiration for him. If I manage to complete it, he will live longer than average.


By the way, Bennett is a young adult now. No idea when he aged up. His adult trait is Genius. A cheerful, self-assured genius. I like him even more. Now Lara has to wait until she has her birthday to continue her advances!


In the end of the day, the family sits at the bar together, before heading back home. I really like this venue!

After the family was settling down for the night, I got the notification from MC Command Center. I love MC Command Center. BUT. It married Bennett to some sim I don’t even know! I think I saw her a few times.

Oh well. I just pretend it never happened. When Lara comes of age, we just convince him to leave and move in with us. It’s totally out of character. Bennett would never marry that Anissa Bond.

I just looked at her age bar, and it turns out she will have her young adult birthday on the next day in game time! Oh well. Another birthday party. And we’re flat broke. And when she comes of age… it will conclude First Generation, since she will be the official heir.

I have to go and buy groceries and cook food now, so I will end this chapter. Next chapter will belong to Second Generation, since Lara is growing up!


2 comments on “1.18: Enchanted Springs

  1. I’m loving this! Finally got caught up! The girls are adorable, and I love Ben. Can’t wait to see what happens next!


  2. cathytea says:

    Oh, dear! MCCC ! Not Bennett ! That’s just random ! I ended up turning off that part of MCCC because it didn’t feel authentic .

    Lara and Sveta are amazing in their sutonomy! Congratulations on completing Curator !


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