2.1: Coming of Age

That was quite a journey. It wasn’t long in days, but it felt like lots of things have happened, and I have learned lots of things about the game, because I try to concentrate more on wishes, or leave my sims their freedom. The things they are doing all by themselves are amazing.

Lara and Sveta have absolutely different personalities. Lara is always happy, always laughing, always wanting to tell jokes. Sveta is different. She is bored often, probably because of her genius trait, she thinks most other people are just plain stupid. Then she has another mood swing and is feeling flirty.

Lara loves reading skill books. Sveta always does her homework. Lara works out every day. They talk to each other often. They have their own clubs and often wish for a club gathering. And I’m using the club system sometimes to invite a bunch of people at the same time.

And Jill is warming up to painting now, she is inspired all the time and wants to paint a lot. I am happy for that, because she needs to paint a portrait of Sergej before he becomes an Elder, which is kind of soon.

And one of the daughters has to take up painting. I hope for the creative trait to turn up either in Lara or in Sveta.


The family has a TV now. It cost me a lot.


And Jill has painted the first painting I want to keep. I never saw that one before. I love it!


By the way, I’m really in love with the color scheme on this screenshot. It’s so vibrant!

And the first female child we encountered while the girls were little, Chantel Mulligan, grew up and she’s really pretty!


But yeah. Birthday party!


Lara rolls Art Lover as her adult trait. It’s close to Creative!

We got only a bronze medal, but I don’t really care! Folks had fun, so it was a good party. And Lara is an adult now! That means we can get Bennett to move in. If he wants. If he doesn’t… well, there’s plenty of young men available.


Later, Lara tries a few things, but Bennett doesn’t seem very impressed. Maybe the time is not right for that. Maybe they have to hang out with each other more.


I’m totally convinced that Sveta and Demario are a couple. Look at them walking hand in hand!


A short time later my suspicions are confirmed. At least Sveta kind of has a boyfriend now. Her romantic whims have a focus now!

Lara has got a job as a painter. I pondered something science-related, but it didn’t seem to fit.

And I got the message that Sergej will have his birthday soon. Nooo. He’s getting old, and so is Jill. Oh well. Such is the flow of life.

We had a little bit of money and I spend it (around 5k) designing Lara’s room. I got a little carried away. Now we’re brook again.

It’s located in the second building in the back.



Here’s the current lot overview.




Well. I guess things are finally working out between them. He no longer reacts negatively to her flirts, even though he looked kind of scared when she went to kiss him!

We will try to let him move in tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to it!



One comment on “2.1: Coming of Age

  1. cathytea says:

    I really enjoyed your observations on the personalities !


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