2.2: Growing Old

It’s Saturday! And I’m downloading the pre-expansion patch, since MC Command Center seems to be updated.

I’m kind of worried about playing, because Sergej and Jill will be aging up soon. I had a dream about my TS3 characters tonight, but the plot of my dream was kind of dark and dramatic and I don’t think I will be actually including it in my gameplay or my story.

Game seems to run stable so far, no bugs encountered. There will be a birthday party the next day game-time. But prior to that, I will have Lara paint and make portraits of both Sergej and Jill.

I had some money to partially furnish Sveta’s bedroom. Because the kids bedroom isn’t needed right now, I expanded the living room with a TV corner.



Sveta seems to really like my colour choices!


I have no idea who let him in. I didn’t invite him. But he was talking to Lara in the new TV corner. They seemed happy so I left them alone. I will try and ask him to move in later.

To progress with her aspiration, Jill needed to go to a museum. I decided to send her there in the evening with her coworker and friend Jacklyn, who apparently married one of the Park Boys, Orlando Mesa, which is fine with me. She is heavily pregnant.



“Do you ever get the feeling you have so much to do, you never know how to fit everything in one day, but somehow you manage anyway?”

It is only a short visit, because Jacklyn is tired and wants to go back home.

Later, when everybody is asleep, Lara gets a message from Bennett. It’s an invitation for a party. I decide to go and take Sveta along, because she was feeling lonely earlier.


Sveta turned out beautiful.


There was a crowd, but Lara and Bennett somehow found each other. I think they are meant to be after all.

Sveta definitely has a thing with Demario.

When we’re back at home preparing for the birthday party, she sneaks away to sit with him.


I like Demario, though. Somehow he has the same nose as Sveta.



Even if the boys don’t yet live here, it feels like they belong to the family already.


That’s Christian there, Sergej’s first crush. The DJ. She’s old as well. They are good friends still. I don’t think she minds that Sergej chose Jill in the end.


First, she wonders: what will happen? Will everything change? Will life continue just like it did? But then, she smiles as she bows down to blow the candles out.



It’s Sergej’s turn now. His hair doesn’t turn grey because he has CC hair.


That wasn’t so bad, wasn’t it? It’s not like life is over now. It’s just different. I hope Sergej will make his final promotion soon, though.

Parties are always so tiresome. Well, not the parties themselves. But cleaning up after is! Nobody ever does the dishes. Except Bennett. He has the hidden neat trait.

Our next goal will be getting the boys into the household.


Lara bumps into Ben wearing Day of the Dead makeup and has to take a picture. I didn’t recognize him, but she ran out on the sidewalk to talk to him!


Sveta exchanges promise rings with Demario in the backyard.


I don’t think I ever saw so many flirty moodlets on a single sim at the same time. I have no idea how her heart doesn’t explode from so many feelings.


We now have a big tree in the backyard. It’s probably the Raven Tree, the name giver to the estate.

And this will complete this chapter and today’s play session. A lot of things happened in the game today. Most – if not all of them were positive. This family makes me happy like no other did in TS4!


2 comments on “2.2: Growing Old

  1. I’ve been helping to troubleshoot that mod. The pregnancy and woohoo parts are still broken. If you change your sims per lot to anything other than the default, then you won’t be able to travel. For now, I’d leave the pregnancy/woohoo parts out till DP returns from his vacation.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cathytea says:

    I’m glad Sims can’t die from flirtiness ! The Raven Tree is beautiful , and how lovely that this family makes you happy . Your stories make me happy .


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