2.3: Welcome Bennett

I wanted to play a little bit yesterday before going to bed, but I was tired and couldn’t write so I played some TS3, because I don’t feel the pressure to write about it the second it happens. My thoughts are a big jumbled mess right now. I don’t even know what I am currently thinking or what I should be thinking.

Maybe I will find focus in the game.

I want to concentrate on getting Bennett and Demario (though I think he has to age up first, because he’s still a teen, and while both bars are full, the ask to move in option is not showing) into the household, before MCCC marries them away again. And maybe completing the skull collection, before the challenge ends.

I gave Sergej a lighter hair, to show his age. He looks really weird to me now. I’m not sure if I’ll keep it.


So the first thing we did was invite Bennett to live with us. And guess what? His aspiration is Master Chef as well. He did dishes for us when he was a child, so I guess, that’s kind of fitting.


I gave him a slight makeover, just different hair and a bit of a beard. I think he’s really handsome now! He also has 5 sets of clothing in each category now so he doesn’t have to wear that red sweater always.


I made him get a job and he immediately thought of cooking! So he will go into the culinary career.


He seems to like reading cooking books and instantly finds inspiration there.


“That was a chocolate cake. I could make one like that!”


“I really love all these paintings…”


I finally had some money to work on the fitness shack, and placed all the fitness equipment in there. Bennett promptly decided to give it a go.


“I could get used to waking up like that.”

Since Bennett’s bars were all full when he moved in, he stayed up until the early morning, but he went to bed then. He got up an hour later when Lara woke up. Both felt inspired and happy.

It’s weekend, so nobody is in a rush. The family eats mostly cake leftovers, each for themselves, and converge in the living room.


Soon the entire family comes to sit together and talk. I don’t direct them to do anything, I just watch.



This is one of those rare moments when everything is good. Everybody is happy to be together, and enjoying each other’s company, without any pressure, without any goal in mind. I could stay in this moment forever, but I am sure it will pass as soon as I press play again.

And it does. Everybody gets up and autonomously starts cleaning things up, putting back stray books. Sergej repairs the shower of his own accord. That’s a full-blown Sunday House Cleaning Action!

Afer everybody is finished, the girls run to the fitness shed for an energized workout. They go dancing afterwards, and hug, all autonomously. I’m just watching curiously.


Everybody’s bars are full, everybody is happy, and the day still got a few hours left, so I decide to visit the pool again.


Of course I completely forget that Bennett has to go to work, but he goes with a good mood.


Sergej goes to the nearby community grill to make some food and bring it back for the rest, because somehow the bar is glitched. I tried to hire a mixologist three times and nobody showed up.


I would love some of that grilled chicken myself!


“Did you see that frog by the bushes? I tried to catch it, but it escaped!”


One day later, I spend the family’s hard earned money (around 7k) to rearrange the main house and rebuild the kitchen.


The house is more symmetrical now. It’s probably boring, but I like symmetrical forms. I always want to break out of it, but it’s like an itch that wants to be scratched. I like the form of the house a lot more now.


Sveta loves the new kitchen!


It feels kind of weird that she’s still a teen and has to go to school and do homework. She comes across a lot more mature, being responsible for cooking, having a boyfriend… But it’s not long anymore until she will be oficially an adult!


One comment on “2.3: Welcome Bennett

  1. cathytea says:

    I love the new house. And it’s great to see those lovely autonomous moments !


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