2.4: New Life

I am very tired from my shift today. I won’t have time to play at all tomorrow, because I will be out of the house from early morning until late night. There’s a thing at a distant branch of our company where I am supposed to do a presentation of our own branch and I have no idea what I’m supposed to be talking about but all of the bosses will be there and I will have to speak in front of them. Them are approximately 100 people.

I am cultivating the attitude of I don’t give a fuck. For me, that’s the best attitude to have when you’re in a situation way out of your comfort zone, and lately, I’ve been out of my comfort zone almost always. So I just don’t give a fuck. Anyway, what’s the worst that could happen? It can’t be worse than the shit I’m dealing with on day to day basis. So everything’s good.

And I will go and get my hair done in half an hour, I will cut it extra short, so I don’t have to worry about it, because I hate my hair. My partner was already bitching about it, but it’s my hair, it grows on my body, so I can cut it as short as I please, thank you very much.

I have played a bit yesterday night but did not write about it, because it was just a short thing. Lara is pregnant. Somehow, the description of “try for baby” is wrong, because I haven’t seen it fail yet. It ALWAYS results in a baby. So where’s the trying? Why doesn’t it say “make a baby” or something along the line? I don’t see any trying if there’s no chance of failure.

And since Demario is not yet part of the household, we have 2 spaces, so it could still be twins.

Sometimes I wish that there would be more than 8 people in a household. I know, there are mods. But that is supposed to be a traditional, scoring, no-cheating legacy challenge, and those mods would probably fall into the cheating category. Also, they’re probably buggy and might ruin my game and I won’t participate in that.

I probably will have to make use of the mansion across the street at some point. I will rebuild it, according to my wishes. Or just download something from the gallery, because honestly, the original Yuma Heights looks good from the outside, but it’s plain boring inside, and it’s missing many important things like a bar. I could redecorate it when I have time for that, though…


Bennett is alone at home while everybody is at work. He has invited his buddies Demario and Dandre. Dandre is approximately the same age as Bennett, Demario is still a teen, but they are mates, and Demario will probably move in at some point anyway, so he’s practically family.


That’s Stevie Bland, a female perfectionist, participant in Sveta’s children club “Space Pirates”, basically a slightly different version of “Park Boys”, and Sveta’s high-school friend. She has a rather unfortunate name and seems to be of asian heritage.


She’s always looking like that.


The second Lara comes home from work, the boys make their escape and Bennett goes to bed. Nice timing, pals. But it’s your call. I don’t mind.

By the way, our dragonfruit plantage is coming on nicely. It’s making profit. I almost feel guilty. I always feel guilty doing gardening at the early stages. It starts racking money pretty soon. But then again, Sergej was doing hard work all his life. I guess the family is entitled to some gardening income. Plus, building nice things is very expensive.

By the way, Bennett is ecstatic hearing about the upcoming babies. I missed the moment Lara told him, but he was very happy afterwards.


Aren’t they cute?


By the way, I have no idea why she’s doing homework in her sister’s bedroom while said sister is sleeping. But this is the last day she’s doing homework at all. Tomorrow will be her birthday. She will be able to secure Demario all for herself, without me worrying about MCCC marrying him to some random sim.


The family comes together for a breakfast, before going off to school and to work. Yes, Sergej’s in a dire need of a shower.


Lara has a day off, so I send her to the sidewalk to work on her aspiration a little bit. Yes, that’s a future greenhouse in front of her, where the science lab used to be. The science lab will move underground soon.


Meanwhile Ben is figuring out fruit salad. I don’t know what he wants with the pepper shaker in there.

Then a boy we don’t know walks onto the lot to knock on the door. His name is Goopy. I guess he’s Jacklyn’s and Orlando Mesa’s son. You know, I never ever saw this name all the time before. And now it’s the second time.


Alright, Goopy Junior, come in.

The original Goopy (Covington) didn’t stick around, by the way. He gained the evil trait and kind of stopped visiting, and I didn’t invite him, because he’s evil and keeps stomping in the garden puddles. He’s still alive and well, but he hasn’t become the friend of the family I kind of wanted him to.


Aaaand I kind of forgot the day of her birthday is upon us. Party!


Everybody is dancing. I seriously need a better stereo.


There’s another gender-nonconforming kid, by the way. This is Ronnie Covington. Sveta met them at school. I have no idea if it’s a girl or a boy.



Demario is staring at her very strangely. I have no idea what’s on his mind.


Just as Sveta ages up, she’s already feeling the weight of responsibility on her shoulders! Oh well. She’s not the heir, so technically she doesn’t have much responsibilities. She rolled Active as her third trait!


She’s feeling tense and tired, hence the grumpy expression. But she’s still beautiful. Even more so.

The party is a gold level event. Everybody goes to bed. And MCCC hates me.


Their friggin’ romance bar was full. I think the mod is still bugged. It’s not supposed to work like that. It is set to “bypass active romances”. I checked twice. So what the heck? I will cheat this away just as I did with Bennett and pretend this never happened. Sorry, Mr. Random Scientist, but that’s just a bug.


I have no idea what career she would want. It’s just… silver money? So it’s my choice. It’s astronaut. So her club ‘Space Pirates’ will be a real thing, focused on rocket science and different related things.

And at this point I will end the game for today. I will have a long day tomorrow and have to head to bed early.


2 comments on “2.4: New Life

  1. cathytea says:

    Good luck on the busy day! Your haircut sounds awesome ! I had ultra short hair once ( almost Shannon Arkers short) and loved it ! So glad to see the name Goopy making a comeback . .. it was my favorite TS2 name ! And! Congratulations on gen 3 coming up soon !


  2. Just a quick comment on ‘try for baby’, it can fail. I’ve had sims try for a baby 3 times in a row and fail each time. The female sim got a sad moodlet and everything. 😦
    Also, with MCCC, you can set the percentage that try for baby will result in a sucessful pregnancy. I think mine’s set to 75%. Not sure if that’s in the base mod, or MC woohooer.


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