2.5: Welcome Demario

I recieved the code for City Living, but I’m not in a hurry to check it out. I would probably want to start a new game for that. Or the family could visit the city one day. But for now, I’m content with this. I had a very long and tiring day yesterday, but got the day off today as compensation.

I have a few things to do today, but I will be on and off the game inbetween.

On the To-Do-List is: undoing the marriage MCCC forced on Demario, and probably moving him in, after Lara has her baby. Or maybe babies. I have 2 spaces in the household right now and I want to wait for the baby, because it might be twins. I don’t know why I have that feeling. If it’s just one baby, I will move Demario in.

No, wait. I guess depression broke my counting ability. I have 5 sims in the household right now. So it means I have 3 empty spaces? And I can move Demario in and still have the possibilities to have twins. Let’s do this. As a romantic sim, Sveta needs to have somebody to love. She is tense all the time because she feels lonely.

Let’s have a date first. Maybe in that restaurant I placed in Oasis Springs in the beginning. It is very beautiful.


“Your table is ready!”



Just look how happy she is, being there with Demario. I don’t even remember why it was him. I think she chose him herself. She had many friends but Demario was something more from the start.


“Move in with you? I could get used to the idea!”


They’re so cute.


“Will you come home with me?”

That’s a gold level date.

Demario is Self-Assured, Music-Lover and Foodie. Having a relationship with a future Master Chef is probably a match made in heaven for him.


Now this isn’t at all suspicious. But Lara doesn’t mind. She’s had company in there herself. Speaking of Lara: she has the wish to marry Bennett for a while now, and Bennett has the wish to marry Lara, so maybe we will just give them what they want the very next day, while she’s still pregnant.

Later, when everybody is asleep, Ben is home from work. He’s had a promotion. He notices that Sergej is still up and goes to talk to him.



I imagine Ben is asking Sergej for advice regarding the upcoming baby. And Sergej is happy to be a grandfather soon!


“But do you never get the feeling like this is all over your head? I’m having doubts sometimes. Will I be able to make everything right? What if I screw up?”

Sergej just smiles and nods.

I just spent two hours working on the greenhouse. Then I decided to put up a wedding arch next to the fishing pond. Then I went to look for one specific piece of CC and another hour passed and I have not the slightest idea what happened. I will have to go do things soon.


Wedding arch location.





Plenty of space for the not yet complete frog collection. Also the cowplant will be behind that fence.


I think we will postpone the wedding until after the birth. Because no way somebody should have to wear a wedding dress feeling like a stranded whale. I know what I’m talking about, I’ve been there. Well, not the wedding part. But the whale part, definitely.

We will have a dinner party instead since it’s part of Sveta’s aspiration.


And I might need to put this dancing mat elsewhere. It has magical attraction powers. Everytime a social event takes place, everybody migrates there and starts to dance.


In the middle of the dinner party, where everybody gets the sudden urge to cook something up, we recieve the notification that Sergej’s and Jill’s time is almost up. I’ve been dreading it for days now. But they’re not dead yet.

I find out that Sveta needs to be in the Culinary Career to complete her aspiration. She hadn’t started her astronaut job yet, so we make a switch. She starts at the third level since she was a grade A student.


Sveta is very happy to have Demario around and often stops doing whatever she was doing to run to him and be affectionate. Oh, and Demario’s Aspiration is Master Chef too.

We have a generation of cooks, it seems. We now have three people in the household with the same aspiration and the same job.


And Demario really needs to do something about these ultra-thin arms!



One comment on “2.5: Welcome Demario

  1. cathytea says:

    Yay for a generation of chefs ! At one point there was a yoga glitch that really bulked up skinny Sims ! I was sorry to see the glitch go because I liked its effect on the Bough boys . ..


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