2.6: Welcome Aleksej

So, City Living is now installed and running. I wonder if it breaks MCCC again. So far, I’m just seeing lots of new buy mode items, but I haven’t explored it in detail.

And one of my paintings turned black. Which kind of sucks. I don’t know if it goes back to it’s previous state. I tried searching the Internet and it seems to be a problem, but nobody has an idea how to solve it.

Bugs and glitches aside, Lara has gone to labor and I sent her and Bennett to the hospital, just for the novelty of it. I only had sims have their child at the hospital once.


The doctor with the funny hair is totally playing an arcade game. I am slightly disturbed.


Meanwhile, Bennett is feeling playful and dances in the hall.

It’s a boy! Weirdly enough, the baby, including the bassinet, disappears as soon as I name it. To continue with my russian name trend, I give him the name Aleksej. It was my grandfather’s name.


I’m pretty much letting them do whatever right now. Sergej and Jill are off work, and Bennett and Lara have family leave, and I have no idea what Sveta and Demario are doing, except being angry at each other. I don’t know why. Sveta has the jealous moodlet. She’s stomping around and yelling at everybody. I don’t have the slightest idea what Demario did that might have been considered cheating. Demario is feeling insecure and probably doesn’t have any idea either.


Lara and Bennett are still very much in love with each other.


Jill is friendly to everyone, including Demario. Here she’s trying to tell him it’s probably not his fault that Sveta is angry with him.


I love how the crib randomly matches the blue color scheme of Lara’s bedroom.


She started painting this autonomously. It almost looks like a self portrait. The blue background even matches the color of her room. I will be keeping this piece.

I will be celebrating the wedding this very same day. I’m kind of afraid Sergej or Jill might die out of sudden and not live to see it.


Wanting to start the wedding party, I find out that Bennett never actually proposed to Lara. So we remedy this immediately.


Parties are generally the same. Sims make a mess in the kitchen, leave their food everywhere, put their drinks in the most impossible places, and complain about the mess they made all the time. But there are a few bright moments among all this mess.





Sveta was the caterer. She had the most stressfull job, I think.

But we had a gold level wedding, everybody was pretty happy after that and went to bed, Ben stayed up to clean the mess he’s been complaining about.


Here he is, complaining about the mess to his brother Waldemar. Who actually turned out quite nice, even if he’s still evil.

I notice that only one day is left for the Day of the Dead Challenge. There’s one piece missing to the collection!

When Jill and Sergej are at work, the young folk head out to the bar to meet people and get that final skull.

But alas, there are all possible kinds of people, probably added by the new City. But no celebrators anywhere, until everybody except Lara has to go to work!


And we get a very unsettling message…


But then a painted figure appears and we get the final skull!


Seriously, what’s wrong with you San Muyshino people, what is this name?


When Sergej comes home from work, he has recieved the final promotion! He has reached level 10 of the science career!


And on this note, we will end this play session and I will head to bed.


3 comments on “2.6: Welcome Aleksej

  1. cathytea says:

    Congratulations on gen 3 ! I can’t believe you’re there already ! And how wonderful that gen 1 got to meet the grandkid !

    We’ve got Purple Day coming up December 1…. We’ll have some amazing Sims of yours to remember . ..


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