2.7: Circle of Life

Lara had the wish to purchase a woodworking table. I did. Bennett came home from work and started to autonomously craft a knife block. This is the first time ever that anybody used the woodworking table without me directing them.

A minute later I saw that I accidentally got 2 of the tables. Sveta, too, coming back from work, went to the other woodworking table, also to craft a knife block. Maybe it’s just an office assignment? Maybe it’s relevant for the next promotion. How to own as a Chef: make your own knife block. Or something.


Clearly she has no idea how it works. Like, no idea at all. You have to figure it out on your own, Sveta, I’m not telling you anything.


Sergej woke up in the middle of the night, feeling flirty, and went to clean up the kitchen and talk to Demario, who just returned from work.

As a Founder, Sergej did a great job. He managed to climb up the career ladder, have a beautiful wife and two amazing daughters, and he even met his first grandchild – who is having his birthday this sim day. So he will get to spend time with him, if we’re lucky. Sergej doesn’t feel so tense anymore after work. Probably because he doesn’t have to pull more than his own weight anymore. He can relax. He knows that he basically owns the entire facility. Things are good for him. He saw his meager one-man camp turn into a big household. He saw his family earn a name for themselves. So he’s happy. Content.


Jill woke up feeling tense. And she has to go to work in 2 hours. But you know what? It’s time for her to retire. She doesn’t feel like she wants to involve in science firsthand anymore. It feels like she wants to stay at home, paint, play the guitar, tend to her garden and spend time with her grandson, and that is what she will get to do.

And I think, it’s time for Sergej to retire as well, so they can spend their last days together.


They share a kiss, before Sergej runs off to carve – no, not a knife block – an elefant statuette.


After, he spends a few moments with his grandson, and goes for a confident workout in the fitness shed.


Jill is in the kitchen with Demario and Sveta. I zoom out to check on Sergej, and suddenly a weird noise takes place, and an achievement notification pops up. It says: Circle of Life Achievement: play a sim from birth to natural death.

Oh no.





And it that very same moment Sveta realizes that she is pregnant. This is, indeed, a Circle of Life, and because it is so strange, it doesn’t hurt that much. One event overshadows the other. Jill passes on, and in that same moment, a new life is expected.



Grim reaches for the fridge after doing his job. At first, I think that he’s maybe hungry, but he takes spoiled food out and stacks the dishes into the dishwasher.


I’m pretty sure I’m seeing patterns that do not exist. It is all random. The nature of the game is random. But it does not feel random at times. And I’m seeing a story here. Grim knows that the family will grieve. He knows they probably won’t have dirty dishes on their mind for a while. He is not evil. He is just doing his job. He is feeling helpful, so he fills the dishwasher, to ease the burden of the family just a little bit, the only way he knows how.


After that, he wanders off to stare at the sky. Most of us read somewhere that the stars we’re seeing might not be there anymore, they’re long dead, and we’re just seeing the leftover light that is still travelling across the universe. But I suppose Grim is the only one who knows which ones are alive, and so he wants to check on them.



Sergej doesn’t know yet. Death leaves the observatory and disappears in a black cloud. Maybe one of the stars is dying and he got his next appointment.

Somehow I want to leave him oblivious and happy a little bit longer, and send him to tend the garden. Bennett and Lara come from work. Both doesn’t know either, even if I left the urn where it is.


Sveta, having witnessed her mother’s death, hides in the parent’s bed to cry. The others are still strangely oblivious. Sergej is happily carving knife blocks, all on himself.


Sveta goes out to make herself a drink. She has it sitting on Jill’s side of the bed, thinking about her future child, being sad, missing her mother.



Finally reality catches up with Sergej too.


He sits on Jill’s side of the bed too, with a glass in his hand, trying to come to terms with the fact that she is gone.

While everybody is finding their own ways to deal with grief, Aleksej takes a step out of his crib into the wide new world. He rolls Art Lover as his first trait and Rambunctious Scamp as his first aspiration.


For a while he just watches Lara paint.


Then he starts to talk to her. “Maybe I will be a writer when I grow up”, he says.


“I could go to the city”, he says. “Earn a lot of money there.”


I spend a while decorating his room. Maybe he knows, because when he finishes talking to his mother, he goes straight for his new bed.



It is the very same bed that Sveta had as a child.


One comment on “2.7: Circle of Life

  1. cathytea says:

    Sad and also beautiful . .. like life. I don’t feel it’s random. Either patterns are everywhere or we find them there…


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