2.8: Adjusting

It is weird when Sims die, all the time. They are almost like pets to me. I know it eventually must happen. I know it is a part of that thing called life. I know it needs to happen to make room for future generations.

I have been keeping pet rats for the most part of my concious life. I had them since I was 11, I think. Or 12. Anyway, I have been keeping them forever. And for all of their inherent cuteness, and intelligence, and amazing social behaviour, and an almost human-like individuality, they don’t live long. Some die early, some don’t, but in general, they live around 2 years. I had rats grow as old as 3 years and 8 months, but those are rare occassions.

It’s always the same with them. I give them names, and interact with them, and teach them things – actually, rats are pretty good at teaching each other things, because they have this social hive mind thing, and there is some sort of rat lore that is passed through generations, and most of the things, I had to teach one rat years ago, and then it becomes common knowledge, and the others do things I never taught them, because they learn it from each other. And then they get sick. They have all kinds of illnesses. Respiratory diseases, tumors, weird nerve damage, you name it. And then they die.

I don’t even cry anymore over the rats, because I had so many over the years. I couldn’t remember every single one of them if my life depended on it. In my memory, the rats become one single entity: The Ghost Rats. The Rats That Have Been. And the rats that are – well, because of their social structure, they carry the lore, the knowledge of things, and pass it on to the new rats. So they are never truly gone. They would be if I stopped keeping rats, and would establish an entirely new group, then the Rat Lore of the last years would be lost and I would have to teach them things all over again.

But every time a rat dies, it feels strange. I am sad. But at the same time, I am not, because it means that there is now space for a new rat. A new personality. A new individual. And the Rat Lore is richer. It is a weird thing, and I can’t quite put it into words. The Ghost Rats understand. Sometimes, when I’m about to fall asleep, I can hear them run around and touch my hair or my hands with their tiny fingers and whiskered noses. Sometimes I think one of the Live Rats escaped, and get up and start looking, but they never are. It’s the Ghost Rats, come to visit. I don’t mind. It makes me feel safe, knowing that they are around somehow.


It is a similar thing with Sims. I am sad when one of them dies, but at the same time, I am very curious about the new ones. And they are never truly gone. Especially in a legacy game – their paintings, their pictures, their belongings are still around, and of course their offsprings. And sometimes their ghosts pop in to visit.

So I’m not really sad about Jill’s death. And I know Sergej will follow her soon. But I’m already curious about Aleksej, and about Sveta’s unborn child, and about their future mates and friends and children.

Speaking of paintings. Currently they are not black. So. Paintings.




And since it won’t be the only urn/gravestone on our lot, I felt inspired to make a small graveyard place at the back.


Death and grieving aside for a moment… we have a kid at the house again! Which means, he needs to meet the Park Boys and Girls.

And because I’m really itching to take a look at the City, we will visit the San Muyshino Park!

There is a really nice wedding space at the park! And a complete house where the only thing missing is a bed. And a bar! But the whole area is very big and there isn’t a playground directly at the park.

And it kind of feels empty. So I guess we’ll just head back to our own Oasis Springs park for a while. It is warm and familiar and safe.


There’s Goopy Mesa, and Sylvia Terrell. Sylvia is a Kleptomaniac. Goopy is a Geek.


The awkward teen is Darling Welsh and they are unflirty. I haven’t decided if they’re male or female yet. I don’t really care.

The adults are at the park bar, feeling reasonably well. Except Sveta, she’s ‘swimming around sadly’ at the pool.



Darling Welsh has a female sounding voice. She’s definitely a special sim. I like her.


Compared to most other children we encountered, Aleksej is on the pudgy side of things. I guess, being born in a generation of Master Chefs, it’s hard to be thin.


4 comments on “2.8: Adjusting

  1. cathytea says:

    Goodness this is so beautiful . I want to share it with my friend RipuAncestor . Your observations about rat lore are profound. I’ve noticed that happening with my friends of different species, both those I’ve lived with and the wild ones I know from the garden .

    And I love Darling ! You’re getting neat gender nonconformity in your game !


  2. cathytea says:

    Guess what ? Darling showed up in my game last night ! I guess she’s a San Myshuno premade !


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