2.9: Cheaper in Doubles

Today is a bad day in terms of depression. I had an argument with my partner, hit him on the head with a dustpan (didn’t help, he still thinks the way he acts is completely fine), spend most of the time crying inside and sometimes openly. Everything feels bleak and stupid and makes no sense and I know it’s just my brain unable to process things, but it doesn’t make it better, because I am literally unable to feel otherwise.

Lara has the wish to view a Mural. I tried to place one somewhere on the lot but it won’t go even on completely new blank walls I put up. Everybody is at work or in bed. Let’s check that art gallery out!

Apparently, to view a mural we have to paint a mural first. After a while, a lady in a stained shirt joins Lara.


I really need to place the mural spaces somewhere on my lot.


Back at home, Jill’s ghost is using the woodworking table.

Things are happening. The usual business. Working on Aspirations, Skills. I don’t feel like describing every single thing. My mind is numb, due to depression. I am content with watching.

I browse Sergej’s relationships and see that most of the people he used to know are dead. There are still a few who are alive. I invite them into his club and start a gathering.


There is another dinner party happening, because both Bennett and Demario need it for their aspiration.


Bennett seems to have a really great relationship with his brother!

I cancelled the dinner party event when I reached silver because the Chefs had to be at work and I wanted to get that out of the way.

Since the update, I keep getting that bug where Sims are reset to T-pose and their queue is empty. Also I lost Aleksej’s homework that way and can’t find it anywhere, I searched the entire lot twice.


I guess they really had to work for that promotion.


Sergej took his grandson to the park while the rest of the family is in bed. That guy there is Neelesh Bheeda. He loves outdoors and space.

While at it, we get the message that it is Bennett’s adult birthday and return home to do something about it.

Which means there’s another party.



Aaand look what we have here. My first ever cowplant.



It is so cute, I just can’t.


And while I was busy with the party and admiring the cowplant, poor Sveta was left to tend to herself and kind of failed. Also, her labor has started. I guess, I just send her to hospital, because all of her bars are red.

Oh god. We have twins, a girl and a boy. Meet Marina and Nikolai! Marina is just a random russian name, but Nikolai is after my grandfather, who is currently fighting cancer and might die very soon.


They were born right there in the kitchen! Somehow the game bugged and didn’t send her to the hospital. Marina has very pale skin.


Nikolai looks more normal. I can’t wait to see how they look as kids!


Looks like it was a very eventful and tiring Saturday at the Raventree Estate!


I tried to get them at one table, but at least they’re all in the room. Except Aleksej, he preferred to eat his breakfast outside.

We’re at the park.


There’s Ronnie Covington. We met him already, where I thought it was a girl. It’s probably a boy. Well, Ronnie is free to decide for himself. I don’t mind. And it appears as City Living restored some of the original clubs. They got deleted because I deleted all the premade sims at the beginning of my games. But I don’t mind, it’s okay. I’m not quite sure if that one cosplay guy is supposed to be a space thing or a medieval knight thing.

Sergej is swimming laps at the small pool. It won’t be long until he completes the Bodybuilder Aspiration – I hope he can make it, so he will stick around a little longer!


Aleksej and Ronnie have the same shoes!

This is the end of today’s playing. My brain is pretty much fried from trying to figure out Skyrim’s new mods.


One comment on “2.9: Cheaper in Doubles

  1. cathytea says:

    Congratulations on the twins ! So much is happening with your Sims ! Hope you get some good feeling days soon.


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