2.10: Kids Grow So Fast

I’m tired as hell. Yesterday, I have played for not quite an hour, but didn’t feel like writing. Not much happened anyway. Just the usual stuff. Have a few pictures.



She stayed up late, or early in that case. It was almost full light when she disappeared.



Lara is so beautiful with her nephew.


A rare moment of the entire family together – except Aleksej, he’s off to school already.



Partner exchange: This is happening simultaneously. Lara is reading books with Demario and Bennett is watching TV next to Sveta.


I am thinking about purchasing a second stove. With three cooks in the kitchen, things can get real tight.


I gave Demario a beard. I think it fits him more. Sveta seems to like it, anyway.


So. Today. Won’t be a much longer session I guess. My brain is fried. My everything hurts. Especially my arms. I did some training yesterday, must have been a bit too much. I’m having the sore muscles moodlet, to use game language.

I’m still not feeling like writing about everything. I’m just watching. Sergej finished his second aspiration, Bodybuilder. So he’s probably sticking around for a while. His third aspiration will be the gardening one.

The cooks have weekend days, and we’re at the Willow Creek park with the whole family, except the babies of course, because they’re babies. I wanted a change of scenery from the Oasis Springs park.

Goopy Mesa has grown up.



Aleksej has met a new girl, Billie Jang. She’s a goofball.

When we get back home, something happens.


Meet Marina, she’s a self-assured Social Butterfly.


Nikolai is a Vegetarian Whiz Kid. One of the new traits! Whooo!

And then I spent an hour redecorating Sergej’s former bedroom which is now Marina’s room, and Sergej is moving into a room above the fitness shack.


And then I ran out of money. And it got late, so I have to go to bed.


One comment on “2.10: Kids Grow So Fast

  1. cathytea says:

    Those are beautiful kids ! How wonderful to have a vegetarian !


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