2.11: Short Trip to Windenburg


I’m tired like crap, and also angry about the US elections, and I’m not even from the US, and I have no idea about the US other than the stuff I read on tumblr, which is probably not the most accurate source. But I’m angry, and somewhat scared, but there’s nothing I can do about it.


Here’s how the fitness shack currently looks. Sergej’s bedroom is on top.


Marina ended up in bed with her mother. Which is fine with me.


Aleksej sneaks into his grandfather’s bedroom because there’s the best computer on the lot.


I love kids who do the dishes by themselves.


Nikolai makes friends with Neelesh over chess.


And Marina meets a new kid a the park, Kyler Terrell.


The park kind of feels like a family hangout, it’s too familiar. So we visit the Windenburg Park for a change.


There’s another new girl. She looks kind of uncertain.


But she warms up quickly when Aleksej chats her up. She’s cute!


Bennett finds  his brother. I should invite him more often! They seem to enjoy talking to each other a lot.


This guy is the previously red haired kid Ronnie Covington, the one I thought was a girl first.


Lara, being a true artist, finds an easel. It’s a masterpiece. We will keep it.


And the boys enjoy a round of chess before we pack up and head home again.

Since Jill is gone, it’s kind of hard for me to focus on one specific sim. I’m all over the place. There is no protagonist for me currently. I feel like I should focus on Aleksej more, he will grow up to a teen soon and he hasn’t completed any childhood aspirations. But every one of the family is dear to me and I want to spend time with all of them…

I have to go to bed now. Tomorrow will be a busy day. And the day after as well. I wish I had more time to write.


One comment on “2.11: Short Trip to Windenburg

  1. cathytea says:

    I remember that feeling of not having a protagonist during the generational switch !


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