2.12: Obligatory Wedding

I’m still tired, but it’s a bit better than yesterday. Weirdly enough, today I got up for work at half past midnight, and started my shift at 2. AM.

I always hated getting up early. It killed me every day. But then I started at my current company and experienced very early shifts, like 1. AM starting time. Where you had to go to bed around 6 pm to get 5-6 hours of sleep. And I discovered it feels great to me. There is a time window where it’s absolutely no problem to get up. It’s starting midnight to rougly 3 AM. Getting up between 4 and 7 AM is absolute hell for me. Doesn’t matter how much sleep I’m getting. I can sleep for 9 hours and I’m totally wasted when I have to get up at 5. But I can run on 4-5 hours of sleep for an entire week when I’m getting up at 1, and I feel great.

I probably won’t be able to play for more than an hour today because I need to clean rat cages.

And I think I will return to my TS3 story soon. It keeps coming back to my thoughts and my brain feels better currently, so maybe that acute depression phase is receding. It’s too early to say that though.

Let’s turn our attention to the family.

I still don’t know a thing about Aleksej. Somehow I can’t connect to him. Lara and Sveta had such a shining personality as kids, but Aleksej is mostly a quiet kid, and when I look for him, he’s sitting in some corner reading or playing a game at the computer. But maybe his personality will emerge when he grows up to a teenager.

All of Sergej’s friends are dead. He’s got to make new ones. Maybe I will send him to a bar for a gentlemen’s night out.


I gave Lara a podium to practice Speech. She needs to raise her Charisma skill for her aspiration.

And since everybody is home except the school kids, there will be an impromptu party between Sveta and Demario.


I don’t know why they decided to leave their regular clothes on. Usually they change when they event started, but I guess, they didn’t feel like dressing up.


Sveta has this really intense gaze.


It’s a gold level event. The house is a mess, as usual.


Later, Aleksej is making friends with Alyson Glenn, that’s the girl in the chinese dress from the Windenburg park. I like her. She’s cute.

The next day, Lara’s birthday came up. I don’t feel like throwing another party, so it will be just a small family gathering.


Lara takes a deep breath to blow out the candles on the strawberry cake her sister made for her.


She doesn’t look very different than before.


Aleksej has completed his physical aspiration. I might try Social Butterfly after that, but I doubt he will finish it.


The cow plant must have chewed on somebody, because Sergej just milked Energy Essence from it. Well, at least it didn’t ate the unfortunate sim. It wasn’t one of the household, though.

If I have time to play tomorrow, I will concentrate on the kids more, send them to the pool and to the park maybe, while the adults are at work.



One comment on “2.12: Obligatory Wedding

  1. cathytea says:

    Happy birthday to Lara! She’s an adult now . Wow !


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