2.13: Spice Market

I’ve been with my daughter this weekend. Didn’t have time to play until now, and this session will be really short, since I have to go to bed early. 3 AM shift the entire next week.

My daughter is 9, by the way. She plays TS3, and I installed TS4 today on her computer. It’s old and weak and it runs on the lowest graphic settings, but it runs smoother than TS3. She likes to create Sims and design outfits for them. Also she likes her Sims to have lots of babies, but when it gets to taking care of them, she gets bored. She rarely plays one family for more than a few sessions, usually creating new ones every time she starts the game. I am a little bit annoyed by that, because I derive the most satisfaction of legacy style games. My opinion is that she’s too impatient for the Sims. But whatever floats her boat!

I plopped a karaoke bar in Oasis Springs, where the Solar Flare Lounge had been. The Lounge is ugly anyway. Maybe I will send the family to check it out later.



Demario loves to spend time with his kids.

There is the announcement for the spice festival. Since I haven’t really checked San Myshino out, why the hell not? Most of the family is at home right now, so we will go and take a look at it.

The Spice Festival is very colorful and crowded and I immediately lose focus. Everybody wanders off to do whatever they want to. Mostly, it involves singing terribly out of tone at the Karaoke Booths.





And Aleksej telling random strangers about his plan to become rich.


And everybody eating random spicy food.


It is over fast, because it gets late and everybody is tired. But. I will definitely try to visit it again.

It’s back to the usual things. Sergej maxed gardening. The kids are working on their aspirations. The cooks are working on cooking.


None of the kids managed to befriend the monster yet. It keeps being unfriendly.


The twins became best friends.


Bennett passed out on the couch.


Aleksej knows a lot of girls! That’s actually kind of weird. When Lara and Sveta were children, we met only 2 or 3 girls, and there were mostly boys around. But now it’s mostly girls, and just 2 or 3 boys. It’s almost if the game knows that our heir is male this time, and needs some partner choices.

Things are kind of all over the place currently. But there are times like this, and I’m sure the family will find order soon.

I have to go to bed now, for I have a new day of hauling heavy things tomorrow.


One comment on “2.13: Spice Market

  1. cathytea says:

    I love Spice Festival !


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