2.14: New Possibilities


I actually started this chapter yesterday, but had to cut my playing short because I was brain dead and tired and wanted to go to bed. Today I’m just the same kind of tired but it’s a little bit earlier because I don’t have to cook food today. And I really want to play for longer than half an hour!

Almost a Teenager now, Aleksej thinks he can do whatever he wants. He had the wish to sing at a karaoke bar. It was middle of the night. But we don’t care! His little cousin in tow, Aleksej goes to explore the karaoke bar I put there last time.


Marina is not quite sure of doing the right thing. “I hope the police won’t come and get us.”


Soon they attract a small crowd. The girl is Liliana Ashton, we met her as a child at some point. She’s a teenager now. The guy is Akira Kibo. He’s very handsome. I suspect he’s from San Myshino. He’s an adult already.


Aleksej really loves singing.

And then we’re back to the usual business. Aleksej has his teen birthday soon, and I want him to complete his social aspiration, so I will be working on that.


This makes Sergej the first Sim I had to complete three aspirations. And maybe he has time to make a fourth! I chose Nerd Brain as his next aspiration, since he probably has all the requisites already.


The Park Hangout Club gathering is in full swing. The Park Hangout is a successor of the Park Boys Club, which was Lara’s gang. I disbanded that one though, because she was constantly wanting to have club gatherings, and it kind of got on my nerve.



Sveta is back from work just in time to save her children from the Monster. Which keeps appearing, even though I have three of those supposedly magical lamps. They don’t work. At all. The monster keeps coming. And none of the kids are successful in talking to him. He doesn’t want to make peace.

Sveta is a Head Mixologist now. Bennett went for the Chef branch.


Darling Welsh is using our fitness room to hone her running skills. Which is fine with me.


This is not fine, though. The cow has chewed on somebody again, this time, Goopy Mesa, though I’m feeding it regularly.


This is Gael Mondragon. He’s coming to the lot every day. He’s bugged, I think. He  goes to the door, knocks, thinks about the mailbox, goes to the mailbox, and disappears. Then he comes back, thinks about the door, knocks, runs away and so on. If somebody talks to him and asks him to hang out, he will do so, but after he leaves, his loop goes on. I have no idea how to free him.


I feel sorry for him.


Apparently Nikolai does too, because he went to talk to Gael the first thing the next morning.


It’s school day again, but Aleksej will use a few vacation days to make the most of his childhood. I have no idea what  their conversation is, but Sergej looks slightly worried. Maybe it’s about Aleksej’s nightly visit to the Karaoke bar.


What are you thinking about, old man? She’s probably younger than your daughter. And I have not the slightest idea where she is. Probably walked past the house. I don’t know what to think about it.

Well, I kind of get it. All of his friends are dead. His daughters are married and have kids, and express their love for their husbands all the time in front of him. The kids have enough on their minds with being kids. Sergej’s Social was pretty low recently. He must feel lonely, will Jill and all his buddies gone.

Since he needs to read 3 books for his aspiration, I decide to send him to the library. Since Aleksej and Lara are awake and don’t really have anything to do, they will come along. Aleksej needs another adult friend to complete his social aspiration.


While Sergej chats to the librarian, Lara talks to the mirror and Aleksej is harassing strangers on the street with tales about how he survived the curry tasting in the city, I take a look around. There’s a crowd down in the park area.



This one looks really special. Her name is Miko Ojo. Though I haven’t been to the City much, I enjoy City Living a lot. It adds a lot more diversity to the sims, even the random ones. Though Miko could be a premade – or otherwise the random god had a good day when she was created.

Some hours later, we’re in the City to check out the Humor Festival. Everybody but Bennett, who is at work, is present.

Sveta and Demario disappear to work the next second though.

So many things are going on here, it’s hard for me to follow, so I basically leave everybody to their own devices and just watch.


Marina wanders off to order strange food. I don’t even know what Pho is.


This is Anika by the way, the girl Sergej was wanting to flirt with earlier. She has the Evil trait. And she’s probably younger than Lara.


I have no idea what evil plan the boys are hatching out there.


This is Abbie Abraham. She’s a creative goofball. I don’t know her last trait, but Sergej just rolled the wish to make a flirtatious joke at her. I comply. At least Abbie is in his age group. I don’t mind him having a little romance…

Soon after the festival closes and everybody is tired anyway, so we head home. I should invite Abbie for a visit and see if things develop further.


As we arrive, Lara and Bennett meet each other in the bedroom. It’s been a while – they work different shifts so they kind of never talk to each other anymore. They immediately use the moment to reassure each other of their feelings.

Let’s leave them alone, then. They earned the privacy.


One comment on “2.14: New Possibilities

  1. cathytea says:

    The city does add such fun diversity !


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