2.15: Aleksej’s Birthday

I thought it was time to have a pool, so I spent hours scouring the gallery, but ended up placing just a hot tub corner from the gallery, and made a simple pool myself.

Current lot setup:


There will be a dance party corner in the free space.


Aleksej’s birthday party is all weird. Time was over all too fast. I think it was bugged. I didn’t get any goals, so it was an unsuccessful one. He didn’t even get his cake, because it was eaten away before I could put up the candles. Well, doesn’t matter. He got a new cake, a chocolate one.





Aleksej rolls Friend of the World as his Aspiration and Self Assured as his teen trait. He got that one from his father.


I can live with that, I guess.


Lara has gotten in great shape really. Also she maxed painting.


I wish I had arms like that!


And I know who has to hit the gym. Hard.


I forgot to turn on the roof again, but that shirt and that expression is just golden.

So. Remember Abbie Abraham from the Humor Festival? I decided to invite her for Sergej. Maybe they will make use of the new pool.


Having guests doesn’t stop Sveta from sitting at the table in underwear. Abbie’s third trait is Glutton. She is absolutely amazed by the family’s cooking, by the way. So she’s a creative goofball glutton. Those are rather nice traits.


Sergej gives her a tour of the house and suggests that she could come over to have coffee or whatever she desires anytime. Seeing him so happy makes me realize that he’s old, and miss Jill painfully. Maybe with Abbie, he won’t be so lonely for the rest of his life.

After Abbie excuses herself, Sergej runs over to Lara’s room. Lara is just waking up. He takes her in her arms. He seems to be very proud of his daughter, and happy to spend time with her.


Further on the menu is Demario’s birthday party. It’s a bronze medal only, but at this point, I don’t really care anymore.


Confetti, it’s a parade! Demario is an adult now.


Chantel Mulligan is still so beautiful. I’m kind of sad she’s not part of my household.


Meanwhile, Aleksej is showing a lump of clay to his friend Goopy Mesa.


That’s the first time I see somebody use that thing.


Didn’t seem to go that well. Poor Sveta.


It amazes me that Sergej is still alive. He’s grown so dear to me. He has achieved so much. His house, his family. Everything started with him. He seems to feel happiest among his family. He rarely goes to the science lab anymore. Mostly, he tends to his plants.

I hope that he can find a friend in Abbie, and maybe more than that. Somebody to hold on to in his final days, maybe? But I will see to that later. The game is over for to day.


One comment on “2.15: Aleksej’s Birthday

  1. cathytea says:

    They really are lovely Sims !


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