2.16: Chances

Yesterday, I had the feeling that the family is growing comfortable with the current constellation. They have more autonomous actions directed towards each other, and they feel more at ease.

And I had the idea to focus more closely on single Sims again, to give each of them my attention, and not just zap through them. I will probably give each of them one full Sim day. Of course I will be zapping around to prevent disasters, but overall, the rest of the household can do whatever it pleases.

I think, I will focus on Sergej first. I want to see how his relationship with Abbie develops. I want to spend time with him, before he passes on.


He’s in a really good mood after waking up today. Marina is sitting at her homework and he goes to help her.



I interpret the thought bubble as wanting to go for a coffee. So he invites Abbie to the local restaurant. The kids are at school anyway, and everybody else is able to fend for themselves.


“I’m so happy you could make it.”


“I really hope they have desserts!”

As they were lead to the table, Abbie changed clothes and gained some hideous eye makeup, but I didn’t want to interrupt the game to change it.


She really likes Sergej. He likes her too.


“We got one of those basketball things now. My kids always beat me at it!”


“I would like to see you more often, Abbie.”


We have a gold medal date. It makes me so happy to see Sergej in love again, but also a little bit sad, because Jill is gone, and Abbie will never replace her.

When she has to go, Sergej kisses her hands before she leaves, and it kind of breaks my heart a bit, because it reminds me so much of Jill.


He is tired, so he heads home and we take care of the usual things: broken dishwasher, a flooded kitchen, lots of dirty dishes in every corner, homework, feeding Bertha the Cowplant.


This is so cute. I’d love to have real Pets in TS4.


Lara is showing Bennett how to feed the Cowplant. He’s a little bit scared of it.

Later in the evening, Aleksej’s best friend Sylvia Terrell invites him out to the night club, and since he’s the heir and I need to focus on him more anyway, and he needs a girlfriend, and social contacts, I accept.


“Thank you for calling me!”

Sylvia is cute, but I don’t think she’s partner material. She’s a glutton kleptomaniac. Well, that could be fun. The last legacy I started, my founder was a Kleptomaniac. I had so many random stuff in the beginning, it was awesome. But we don’t need random stuff now. We have a steady income and comfortable housing.


And she might have a thing with Ronnie Covington anyway.

Looking at the meters of the rest of the household, I notice  that Sergej’s fun meter is very low, so I bring him to the lot. Dancing usually cheered him up.



How can you sleep like that?

I send Aleksej home and invite Abbie.


They have a nice chat outside and Sergej decides to invite her for a walk at the Van Haunt Estate.



I recognize that move.


He never was successful with women in his youth, before he met Jill, but Abbie seems to melt before him.

The night is over soon, but they don’t care. Only after the sun has fully risen do they leave the park bench.



And it hits me right in the feels again. Jill used to do this with him. Abbie seems to share a lot of similarities with her. Maybe it’s the reason Sergej fell for her.

We’re back at home. I will host a party, I think, because Sveta needs to cook at a social event for her Aspiration.

Since I never did a House Party before, why not give it a try?

I did not get a reward or any mention worthy screenshots at the party. The Cow chewed on a guest but spit her back out. Sveta didn’t get her aspiration Goal, but Demario did. I guess I have to host another party soon.


One comment on “2.16: Chances

  1. cathytea says:

    So bittersweet !


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