2.17: Random House Parties

I have vocational school again, which means my brain is regularly fried from trying to comprehend the legal system regarding truck driving. Let me tell you one thing: the legal system is designed specifically to confuse the driver. A confused driver makes mistakes and mistakes make money for the state.

Alright, let’s move on.

I have no idea what is happening in the household currently because I haven’t played for three days, I think. So I will just watch and see what develops.

I decide to call in a house party, because my cooks need to cook gourmet meals at an event. Sveta decides to dress up as a fairy.


And we discover that Aleksej has the same shirt as Dandre Covington.


There’s only a silver medal, but both Demario and Bennett have completed the aspiration requirement of cooking 3 gourmet meals at an event.


There’s one Billie Jhang come to visit. I remember meeting her as child. She looks very unusual as teenager.


She’s a creative goofball. I like these traits!

It’s weekend, and I really need to give the kids some attention, so we take everyone and their friends and go to the park.


Marina is  sharing secrets with Ashlynn Glenn at the toilet.


Aleksej’s friend Neelesh Bheeda is a teen. His second trait is Hates Children. No wonder he’s constantly tense!


Marina has commandeered a girl crew for her spaceship!

The kids have their birthdays soon. I must see to complete their aspirations in time!


We have a house party again. Sveta likes to be a fairy.


Aleksej has the same impeccable taste for red shirts as Sergej. Runs in the family!


Marina completes her social aspiration by befriending Alyson Glenn. Nikolai still has to make an A at school… could be hairy. Their birthday is coming up. I think he has exactly one day of school.

The party was unsuccessful in terms of rewards, but I think, folks had fun anyway.

I’m kind of leaving everybody to their own devices right now, which evolves to my new gameplay style.


The girls still workout together.


Sergej and Abbie are going strong.


And Marina always does the dishes. She’s a good kid.

Maybe I need a break from TS4 for a few days. I seem to lack focus in my gameplay. I’m all over the place again.

My thoughts keep returning to my TS3 story. It is more demanding, and it needs focus, and it takes all my brain potential. Maybe that’s what I need right now, something to really concentrate on.

I will try to focus on Aleksej for a while now. He’s the heir, after all. I need to discover his personality. He’s been quiet so far. I knew much more things about Lara and Sveta at his age.



One comment on “2.17: Random House Parties

  1. cathytea says:

    I like being able to switch from TS4 to TS3, too! Sometimes I need the focus that TS3 requires, and sometimes I need the relaxation TS4 brings…


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