2.18: Karaoke and forgotten birthdays

It has been a few days since I last played. I’ve been spending time with the last leg of vocational school and playing Skyrim to unwind after. I don’t need to think when playing Skyrim. I can just straightforward shoot things and enjoy their dying screams. And also the pretty scenery. Oh, the scenery.

What would I give to have this kind of scenery in any of the Sims games. The atmosphere. The utter reality of it. Yes, I’m running texture mods and ENB. My PC can barely handle it, it howls every time I leave Whiterun, but it needs work for its money.


No, I won’t post my Skyrim screens here. Just this one. I want to paint this but I know I probably won’t for a very long time because my life is broken and I can’t muster up the patience to actually sit down and paint for longer than five minutes, and it’s a waste to set up a palette only to have it dry out. Paint is expensive.

Alright, let’s get back to the Raventree Estate.

We’re close to third generation. And my plan the last time was to focus more on Aleksej, because he is the heir, and I kind of don’t get him and his personality like I did with Lara. I don’t know what he wants.

It’s half past midnight, the whole family is low on needs, which is fine, because it’s the middle of the night. Aleksej is feeling great and standing in front of the Karaoke bar. He needs to work on his Charisma for his aspiration. I will just let him loose and watch.


Lots of things happen. Aleksej chats with an Anaya Jang, who’s been performing something horrid. She seems not impressed herself.

Then she’s back on stage, and an older man named Dhruv Venkataraman sits next to him. They immediately don’t like each other, but Aleksej is still trying to be friendly.



A bunch of other folks enter. Among them is Akira Kibo, who is apparently a friend of Aleksej’s. I remember him meeting Akira as a child. They hug each other, very happy with the chance meeting.


“We got one of those basketball courts. It’s lots of fun!”


They watch Atharv Ramesh perform some lovesong. I like Atharvs hair. Akira has to leave very soon, unfortunately. Aleksej spends a few minutes looking sad and doing nothing.


I decide to help him out. He ha the wish to compliment someone. There’s a woman at the bar, and I send him to talk to her.


That’s actually the third time today he has the bed speech bubble when introducing himself to people. What is his thing with beds? Does he ask them how they slept? Does he ask them what kind of bed they have at home, or maybe prefer? I have no idea.

The lady continues to flirt with the barman, though, and Aleksej leaves of his own volition and goes to chat with Mr. Green Mohawk.


They sit down together.


Dressers is the first thing Aleksej talks about. I don’t know. Maybe he wants to be a furniture salesman? This is kind of confirmed by Green Mohawk’s answer.



Beds again. Aleksej has an obsession with furniture, it seems, especially with beds. Whatever you want, boy.


After Green Mohawk leaves, Aleksej is joined by Izumi Casey, and I’m very sure that she is the doctor who delivered him at the hospital. She is flirty and apparently likes Aleksej. I am slightly horrified. I’m also pretty sure she is married, because her name was Izumi Makeda or something. And with children, because I remember seeing her name in the MC notifications.

Everything is possible in today’s world, but I’m not sure you should hit on a boy you helped come into the world.

It’s getting light outside. I have to prepare the children for school, so I send Aleksej home. It’s enough for one night.


His first thought at home is to clean the grill, which I’m very glad about.

Then it’s the usual madness. Everybody needs something, everybody is running around, leaving dishes everywhere, the kids go off to school.

Some impressions.





And of course, trying to catch up with everyone, I forget Sveta’s adult birthday. She doesn’t seem to mind much, feeling focused because she’s a Genius. Oh well. It keeps happening to me every time.


Sergej seems to have remembered, though.


Sveta invites her friends to have some celebration, at least, before going to work.

This concludes my play session for today. I’m off to play Skyrim again.


2 comments on “2.18: Karaoke and forgotten birthdays

  1. cathytea says:

    I really enjoyed this! I like Aleksej. He seems to be very much an extrovert, finding himself as he relates to other people. That’s a good skill for a (furniture) salesman to have!

    You inspired me to get Skyrim–and I was going to write a story for it, like RaeRei does–but it’s not available for the Mac, and my little PC laptop hasn’t the memory or power for it!


    • I’m not quite getting Aleksej yet, but I’m on the right track, I think… he has the Friend of the World aspiration, so talking to people seem to come easy to him.
      RaeRei writes Skyrim things? I have to go look it up.


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