2.19: Three Teenagers under one roof


I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist. I will limit myself to one Skyrim screenshot per post, though!

At the Raventree Estate, there are birthday’s coming up. The twins are becoming teen twins. Soon, we will have three teenagers to manage.

Bennett’s elder birthday is coming up, by the way. He won’t be celebrating it, though. Both Bennett and Lara will recieve a youth potion, as is customary in this household. Sergej is still alive and working on his third aspiration, which requires building a rocket. I totally forgot Abbie, though, I need to check if she’s still alive and invite her over again.


Marina wakes up at midnight. It’s her birthday! Or at least it will be when it’s morning. She sneaks into the kitchen to clean out spoiled food and do the dishes. She always does this. I wonder if this will carry over to her teenager time.


Midnight is sure an unconventional time to eat breakfast, but we don’t adhere to conventional standarts here at the Raventree Estate. We are a free, open minded community, and if one wishes to have breakfast at midnight on her birthday, she has every right to do so!

And I just got the 100 hours achievement, which means, I spent 100 hours watching and trying to keep up with the Voronovs!

Just after Marina goes off to practice typing, Aleksej gets up and has his own early breakfast. His fun meter is low so I send him to work out and watch TV.



Meanwhile, Sveta is back home from work. She’s passed out on the sidewalk.


Gastronomy is hard. I know this since I lived with a professional waiter for 6 years. He, too, sometimes almost passed out on the doorstep.


Nikolai, the next early riser, looking sad and hungry. Though by now it’s almost 4, so it’s not that early. He has exactly one chance to complete his aspiration by earning an A at school. And for a vegetarian, he looks kind of pudgy.


If you can think of a possible reason why they are doing their homework on their grandfather’s bed while he is sleeping in it, please share it with me, because I can’t.

After the kids go off to school, the men of the house come together to have breakfast and talk about different things.


I start the family club gathering to animate them to clean house and tend the garden, which they happily do.


The kids are back, and they got their A grades! Time for a birthday party. I’m so excited to see how they age up!


Marina is the first to blow the candles. With so many things on the lot for Sims to do, so many places for them to be in, it’s getting increasingly difficult to get all of them in the same room. But we don’t mind. We’re a free and open-minded community, as I already mentioned.

Marina rolls Music Lover as her teen trait – that’s a recurring thing within the family – and the Big Happy Family Aspiration, which I have no idea how to fulfill, because Marina will most likely move out when she comes of age.


Marina is still cute, though she decided to have short hair. Dandre seems to check her out, but he’s too old for her! He could be her father, he’s from the original Park Boys, in fact.


Darling Welsh and Goopy Mesa are present, cropped left and right accordingly. It’s Nikolai’s turn now!


Get it on, boy!

He rolls Foodie as his second trait (obsession with food is too, common in the family. And I imagined them to be scientists and astronauts! I got a bunch of cooks and music lovers. Oh well.) and Renaissance Sim as his aspiration. Which is fine with me.


Now, even if they’re twins, they couldn’t be more different! Look at his girth. Yes, he was pudgy as a child, but he’s… uhm… massive as a teen. And I have no idea about his colour, fell into a tub of bleach I suppose. I will be changing it after the party. Going into CAS during events doesn’t seem to agree with my game.


Goopy likes cake. Nikolai likes cake. Instant friendship!


Impromptu dance party. Doesn’t seem to register with the goals, though.


Looks close enough.


Nikolai’s new hairdo.


I have no idea what to think about his clothing choices.


Marina, on the other hand, gets to keep her random outfit. She’s pretty as it is!


I have a hard time believing they’re twins, even if I know it!


We’re getting a rare visit from Jill. “They’re all grown up, mother”, Sveta says to her. “I’m getting old!”

“You’re not”, Jill answers. “You still have plenty of time for whatever you want!”

Everybody is asleep now, except Demario, who’s still out dancing. I send him to bed, too. And we’re done for today!


One comment on “2.19: Three Teenagers under one roof

  1. cathytea says:

    I love both of these teens! What style and personality !


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