2.20: Stargazer Lounge

Wow, 20 chapters for second generation already! And Aleksej isn’t that close to aging up yet. So there will be a few more…

And because of that round number, I will try to concentrate on Lara and Bennett in this session. It’s been a while since they got some real attention.


Late at night, Jill’s ghost is doing the dishes and cleaning up the general mess left by the twins birthday.


Sveta and Aleksej are up for an early breakfast.


Lara won’t be in for work today. Bennett has 2 days off anyway, so she will take one vacation day and spend it with her husband. They didn’t seem to have much time for each other lately, since they work different shifts.


“Homework, Nik. Did you do yours? It’s really important! No, don’t look at me like that.”


“You’re always eating. How about homework?”

After the kids are off to school, Lara and Bennett visit the Stargazer Lounge in San Myshuno. I haven’t seen it yet.







The lounge is kind of nice for an EA lot, but some things are missing that I would wish around. Maybe I will upgrade it someday. The date is another gold medal!

And they kept talking about babies a lot. Maybe they would want to have another one, but… the household is full. And will stay so for a while, until the twins are old enough to move out. So I guess, they won’t be able to have another baby.


Meet Alyson Glenn, the cute girl in the chinese dress from the Windenburg park! She’s a teenager now, and a cute one as well. She’s number one candidate for 3d generation spouse!

Abbie shows up as well, to visit Sergej. I’m glad she’s still alive.



Nikolai probably feeling awkward while his parents have a steamy conversation.


Sergej is having one, too. I’m so mad that I can’t have more than 8 Sims in the household. There are mods, I know. Would it be considered cheating?


Nikolai is showing Alyson pictures of food. I don’t think he’s interested in anything else.


A weird noise and a flash of light, and Demario is floating upwards! Oh well. Because the household is full, there’s no chance for alien babies, which is a pity.


A bit later, Demario is  returned in one piece, just a bit dazed and confused.

Some time later, everybody is in bed, and I have to go as well.


One comment on “2.20: Stargazer Lounge

  1. cathytea says:

    Nik is so cute and expressive. He’s becoming a favorite of mine !


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