2.21: Full House

I have given it a thought and I decided to try the Full House mod out. I am too attached to my folks to move them out. I don’t want to move the twins out before they’re of age. And I kind of want Bennett and Lara to have another baby since they are giving me the notions that they want one.

And I really want to have Abbie live out her last days with Sergej.

I’m not sure if it still works with the latest game version. I backed up my saves, just in case it will mess up my game.

The latest update messed up MC Command Center, but it seems to be updated and working now. Oh well. I’ll just try it out. I tested a few things earlier and it seems to be working so far.

So, we have Abbie Abraham living with us now. She’s a writer! She has lvl 8 mischief skill. But no writing skill. But then again, we don’t care about her skills. I just like her, and she makes Sergej happy, so she gets to live with us.

Her Aspiration is fabulously wealthy, which we might even fulfill. She’s 88 days old. For the record, I don’t have the slightest idea how old Sergej is. His life bar has been sparkling for weeks.


Here’s Abbie, writing stuff. I think she’s cute.



I almost got all the family together for breakfast! Lara is showering, and Demario is sitting with Abbie outside, probably because the inside feels too crowded.



“I will be happy to read your latest project”, Sergej says before Abbie has to go to work. I don’t think she wants to retire. She was feeling inspired as she left.


Demario went down to the basement. That’s where all the lab equipment sits, gathering dust. Sergej doesn’t give a damn about the lab, since he’s not working anymore. He’s done with science. He has his family and his garden. Demario just stood there, watching, smiling to himself. We have all this stuff just sitting there, he seems to think. Why? Then he gets into the microscope to watch some random samples and feels very focused while doing so.


Shortly after Demario left the lab, Sveta came down to use the microscope. Maybe its contagious.


Sergej is doing gardening, looking happy.


We have a random visitor on the lot! Nobody knows her. Her name is Stacy Rosado and she’s looking sad. We have to do something about that.


Demario to the rescue! He’s making a joke. She has the clumsy trait and is an adult. I have no idea why she came over, but it’s fine. Maybe she’ll stop being sad.


Something happened at school. Everybody is in dire need of a shower.


After a few moments, the girls start a family gathering. First, Sergej joins them, then Sveta.


Finally, Stacy, who’s still moping around, comes along too, now looking a lot more cheerful.


It’s the day of Bennett’s elder birthday. He’s not ready to be old, though.



And so they have a youth potion. And because we have the full house mod running… well.



If you’ll be having triplets, Lara and Bennett, I’m not taking care of them, you are.


On the other side of the lot, Sergej is about to call it a day too, but first he wants to take his lady to bed. Which is fine with me.

It’s everyday things then. Doing homework, having breakfast, preparing for work and school.



After the kids are at school, Lara sneaks into the bathroom and disposes of the just eaten breakfast. Oh well. We’re having another baby.

Managing a household of 9 is no different than managing a household of 8. It’s kind of a chaos. But inside the chaos, there are patterns. I like to watch the patterns unfold. Abbie is cleaning the house. She’s doing the dishes. Marina isn’t doing the dishes anymore since she’s a teenager.

Nobody went swimming on their own since we had a pool.

Everything is quiet, and nice, there are no birthdays coming up, no weddings to be celebrated, there is just life, and being, and happiness.

The teens are going to check out the spice festival!


Nik fails at singing.


Marina makes friends at the bubble blower. She would like to move to the city, I think.


Nik meets Alyson outside and shows her pictures, probably of food. It leaves him feeling hungry.


“How are you supposed to eat with those?!”


“Were you watching me almost impaling myself with those?!”




Later at night, when the teens are back home and everybody is asleep, Jill’s ghost is in the kitchen. She’s eating cake and looking content.



One comment on “2.21: Full House

  1. cathytea says:

    Lovely family ! I’m happy Abbie moved in!


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