2.22: Flea Market

Getting the full house mod and Lara’s pregnancy has sparked my curiosity again. How will the baby turn out? So I’m itching to play again.

I finally put my attention to Yuma Heights and put a different house there. You can find it on the gallery as Hacienda de la Flores and it’s really beautiful and fits into the setting.

It is early Saturday morning. Since I was building on another lot, all my sims are awake. It’s not a bad thing. This way, I can call them all together for a breakfast.


Some are sitting outside, as usual. I need a bigger table to seat my growing family!



Sveta finally bullied her children into doing homework! Nik doesn’t look too happy. He would rather have a second breakfast.

Since it’s weekend, the kids will definitely go somewhere today, and maybe a few of the adults. Those that don’t have to work. I’m not sure where to send them yet though.

There’s a small house party going on first, to help Sveta finish her aspiration.



Sergej really likes having Abbie around! By the way, Abbie is a random townie, so she doesn’t have any family. I think she was homeless before moving in. It’s basically an act of kindness! Now she has a huge family and can be a grandmother.

And with some time in the kitchen, Sveta has completed her Master Chef Aspiration! She will do the Master Mixologist Aspiration next, because she already completed most of the requirements. It will be an easy one.


Random dance party!

The house party had been a tiring affair. Some of the family head to bed early.


Lara and Bennett enjoy the solitude to dance together in the living room. Dancing was Lara’s favourite activity when she was a child. And playing Chess with Bennett. Their relationship grew a lot since then. They both changed. But sometimes I see glimpses of their old selves.


Later, Nik is up shorty after midnight for a snack. I swear, everything that kid cares about is food.


Even when I advise him to go read a book, all he has eyes for is Aleksej’s plate.

By the way, Aleksej’s birthday is very soon!

The flea market is in town. We will go there, I haven’t seen it yet.


Sergej bought some furniture!


And Aleksej is selling his mother’s paintings.


This guy even bought one.

Buy the end of the day, Aleksej managed to sell all the paintings! I really enjoyed this festival. I will try to visit it again.

Lara is now on family leave. I’m really excited for the baby! And for Aleksej growing up. Oh well.

I will finish this chapter and the current play session now, I have to go visit my daughter. I will probably continue playing in the evening!


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