2.23: Next Chapter

I’m waiting on two things to happen: Lara to give birth and/or Aleksej to age up, depending on which happens first. Maybe it will happen at the same time. It’s funny, the age difference between Aleksej and the little one. Aleksej is turning 20, I guess. And Lara must be close to 40 then? Well, it happens in real life, so it’s fine.


Marina has met a boy on the sidewalk. His name is Judd Pierce. He’s really cute. The downside is… he is Unflirty and Gloomy.


“After every rain”, she tells him, “the sun will shine again, and everything will be better than before.”

Judd doesn’t seem to be impressed. He says something about money and goes away. Marina ponders. Her family is not terribly wealthy. The house is not finished. There are things that are probably not as pretty as they could be. Sometimes they can just barely pay the bills. So why does Judd think she has no idea about anything because her family has money? He’s not even right.


There’s a boy on the lot, Jesse Valle. I have never seen him before. I have no idea why he’s there. He’s dancing and having fun though.

We’re an open and welcoming community here at the Raventree Estate. We don’t ask questions like that. If you feel that you have to be here, dancing, it’s fine with us, Jesse.


In the evening, Alyson comes to visit.


She is a Genius who loves the Outdoors. She has Sergej’s traits. I wonder what her third one will be.


Lara has  gone into labour. So, one of the things I’m waiting for happened… or almost happened. I don’t want to send her to the hospital, so she goes back to bed.


And then a strange sound makes me realize that another thing is happening, a thing I haven’t been waiting for. Not consciously. The Grim Reaper has come for Sergej. Sergej hasn’t quite finished upgrading his rocket. He never been too space. I was afraid that it might somehow speed up his death, so he just worked on upgrading it.

Sergej had a long life. He finished 3 Aspirations and almost completed his third. He had a good life, being my focus and the center of the household for almost three generations. He survived his wife by a long time. But now it’s over. It’s time for the next step.



Somehow the Reaper’s silhouette reads female to me. I’m not sure why. It just does. Maybe the Reaper is a girl. Or maybe the Reaper is both or whatever it needs to be.


Alyson is the first who sees him.


Aleksej and Nikolai come as well, but they are too late to plead for his life. Grim has already done his job.


Aleksej decides to talk to Grim. I get an Achievement for befriending Death. “We can’t change who we are”, Death says. “It’s up to you to step up and fill his place.”



“But can I do this”, Aleksej asks, shaken to his bones. “How can I be what he was? I am nothing compared to him. I am just a boy.”

Death is feeling playful. “I got rid of the kitchen flies”, he says. “That’s all I can do for you.”



“What did you write in that book of yours? What does it say about my grandfather?”, Aleksej asks, feeling bold. Death doesn’t answer. He just turns away and disappears.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the house, in the inner yard, Lara is giving birth to a boy. His name is Leonid Voronov. He won’t be legacy heir, Aleksej is, but he will be his little brother, and maybe the fact that he was born the exact same moment Sergej died will make him special in some way.

A big chapter of the Voronov Legacy has come to an end. Sergej is gone, and on the very next day, Aleksej is growing up to be an adult, and it’s up to him to continue the family line.


2 comments on “2.23: Next Chapter

  1. Aw, sad to see Sergej go. 😦


  2. cathytea says:

    Really beautiful chapter . I hope his ghost is around through the end !


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