3.1: the sun is still shining

Everybody is taking a day off today, staying at home to deal with Sergej’s death, Leonid’s birth and Aleksej’s transition into the adult world.


The family slowly trickles together for breakfast.


Aleksej wakes up late, looking unsure and sad.



He snaps at his mother in the kitchen and feels sorry after. Nothing feels right for him. Not even thinking about the birthday party that is about to ensue can cheer him up. Still, the birthday party will take place, if only to take his mind off his grandfather’s passing.


At least seeing his best friend Neelesh Bheeda and his uncle Waldemar puts a smile on his face – if only for a while.


His friends are here, his family is around. It is time to make the last step into adulthood. Aleksej doesn’t look happy about it, but nonetheless he bows down to blow out the candles.

And he rolls a trait I haven’t suspected at all: Kleptomaniac.


Is this the face of a future master thief?


Nik is burying his sorrows in cake. It doesn’t seem to help.



“It might sound strange to you, but right now I just want to pack my things and go away. Somewhere far.”

It’s only a bronze level party. Probably because Sergej wasn’t there to impress everybody with his dancing skills.

Shortly after the guests leave and the family almost finished doing the dishes, Ronnie Covington calls Aleksej to join him at a bar. I agree.


One of his best friends Sylvia Terrell is a young adult too. She’s a Goofball, Glutton and a Kleptomaniac. Considering that he now has this trait as well, it’s not a terrible match. But Aleksej is in no state to make such decisions now. He’s still moping around.


“Okay, fine, look, I’m smiling!”

The barkeeper is flirting with Aleksej, but he’s too sad to notice.


He wants to call somebody on the phone because he’s sad. I let him call Alyson, because I secretly hope Alyson will be his girlfriend when she ages up.


And in this exact moment Sergej’s ghost appears. Aleksej doesn’t even notice and goes upstairs to visit the toilet after he finishes his call.


I send him to talk to Sergej’s ghost.



“I thought you were gone forever”, Aleksej says, and he’s smiling again.


“I’m still around after a fashion”, Sergej answers.


“So I’m not completely alone in this?”


“You’re never alone”, Sergej says. “The sun is still shining. Life goes on. You have to learn to accept these things. I will be around for a while. I will be watching you.”


Successfuly cheered up, Aleksej moves into another club. Sergej follows him along. “You missed my birthday”, Aleksej accuses him.


There’s Billie Jang, who’s a young adult too now. She’s a creative, vegetarian goofball, and she has a unique, elegant beauty. She, too, is potential mate material.


I invite the teens to the party. Marina immediately hits it off with Neelesh.



Nik hugs Sergej’s ghost, immensely happy.


Aleksej ends his first night out as an adult by passing out on the couch.


Meanwhile, Sergej shows Waldemar some crazy moves!


2 comments on “3.1: the sun is still shining

  1. So happy to see Sergej’s ghost! What a good day to lift everyone’s spirits.


  2. cathytea says:

    Yay ! This was so awesome !


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