3.2: like real people do

I have had a crappy day – again – so I’ll just try to escape it by immersing myself into this fictional world with these fictional characters who sometimes feel more real to me than real people. Yes, I’m crazy like that. Deal with it.

I’ve got a job for Aleksej! Following my theories on how he would like to be a furniture salesman, he will be starting a career in business, so one day he would be manager of his own furniture sales agency. Or something like that. Would be also nice to actually open a store? I’m not sure yet if I will be able to get enough funds for that.


Aleksej got his own bedroom too. I ripped the colour scheme off some popular room on the gallery, but rearranged it to my liking.

The family life continues. Lara decides to spend the day in a swimming suit.



Everybody has different notions about what you should do sitting at the bar.


Random people come to visit and recieve a warm welcome.


The baby is still being a baby.

I think, I’m slowly moving away from trying to record everything at once. It is not possible. Every minute two dozens of things happen in a full household like this. If I wanted to record everything, I would need to use a different approach than blogging about it.

This is about my point of view, and therefore my focus, and therefore it is not a complete retelling of all things happening. It’s pieces I try to fit together, like a puzzle. A pattern in a greater chaos. I can’t know everything, I can’t see everything. Even in their limited digital environment, my Sims are living their own lives, almost like real people do.


It’s weird how Aleksej is an adult now, but he doesn’t feel like an adult to me. Sveta, for example, felt very mature and grown up as a teenager. It was a small step for her to be an adult and have a partner and children.

Aleksej’s growing up is more careful, tentative. It needs some attention on my part, some choices to make, maybe. Sveta made her own choice with Demario. He wouldn’t have been mine, but she chose him on her own. Lara and Bennett, it was slow at first, but I can’t imagine them being with someone else now, they’ve grown up a lot together.

I don’t know whom Aleksej will choose as his mate. There are many choices. There is Sylvia Terrell, the blue haired lady. Billie Jang, the artist. Alyson Glenn, delicate and a little mysterious. There are others I don’t remember or don’t know yet.

Today we will visit the art gallery.


It feels quiet and kind of empty in there. A few moments of quiet contemplation for the most. Lara continues to work on the mural outside.


Aleksej, being an art lover, seems to feel at peace, enjoying the works of art around him.


Nik is trying to make friendships, which, for him, involves talking about food and looking at people with a puppy gaze.

And when we’re back at home, the baby stops being a baby and joins the household as a full member. We welcome another Genius in our rows.


He can have his older brother’s bed.


Bennett is back from work to teach his son a valuable lesson. “You need to be careful when using the stove. Cooking, in general, is a very complicated thing.”


“What about you”, Leo wants to know. “You are an accomplished cook.”

“It took me ages to become one”, Bennett answers. “You could try painting first.”



After everybody is asleep, Leonid goes to have his very first space adventure.


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