3.3: pictures

I played for an hour or so yesterday. I didn’t write while at it, I just wanted to turn my brain off and not think about anything. Here are some visuals.



“Thank the Watcher for this amazing food!”


Lara, you already have a grown son and a little one, why would you want more kids? Beats me.


All of them are so cute together.


“Why can’t we have cake for breakfast?”


Marina is clearly checking that guy out.


Aleksej’s face really lights up at the sight of Billie.


Lara likes her too!


Lara’s new masterpiece! I never saw one like this before.


Marina’s room got a makeover!



So, I have no idea what will happen today. I’ll just go with watching things unfold.

The first thing I notice is that the Mansion On The Other Side Of The Street is occupied. That’s a good thing actually! The Medeiros Family lives there. I don’t remember meeting them before. It’s an older couple.

He, Duane Medeiros, is a self assured, evil music lover, and she, Savannah Medeiros, is a jealous, kleptomaniac Bookworm. Yes, I went in CAS to take a look at them and also spawn a random son for them. His name (Bernardo) and traits are chosen randomly. He’s kind of cute, though! Maybe I will let him meet Marina. If they get along, she can move on the the Mansion on the other side of the street in a completely legal way.


It’s weekend. Since it’s been a while, I send some folks to the park in Willow Creek, for a change of scenery.


Nik engages in community work by cleaning up some messes.


Aleksej calls Alyson, while Leo is eating some hot dogs.


Nik meets some folks.


“Well I was nearby and thought, I’d come and talk to you in person!” Alyson is not a teenager anymore! Her third trait is Cheerful. That means, we will decide between Alyson and Billie sometime soon, but I’m not sure yet.

The romance festival announcement comes up, so we relocate.



I really liked Billie. Billie is very expressive and unusual, but Alyson just feels right for Aleksej.


And they kind of start at it by themselves. All I did was let him confess his attraction for her, and then there was no stopping.


After the festival, there was some hanging out with the staff before everybody went home.


And so, I guess, Aleksej just decided for himself that he wants to be with Alyson and not with Billie.

My brain is kind of fried from this entire week, so I will call it a day and head to bed.


One comment on “3.3: pictures

  1. cathytea says:

    Good for Aleksej to choose his own girlfriend ! She’s cute . I guess Billie can be a family friend . The family in the mansion across the street sound fascinating !


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