3.4: across the street

The twins – though they look nothing like twins – have their YA birthday soon. I’m pretty sure Marina will move out. I’m not sure about Nikolai. He didn’t express any interest in anybody really, he lives for his food.

Maybe I will move him out with Marina and let MCCC take over from then… but I’m not sure yet. Or I’ll move him out into a small starter home on his own…

When I started the game, everybody was kind of asleep or taking care of themselves. Marina was dancing out by the pool. It was 4 am. I thought, why not take her out to the nightclub? Meet some folks, maybe a potential mate?

There is Judd Pierce. He’s cute, but he has these terrible conflicting traits. He’s Gloomy, Unflirty, but Family Oriented. Poor guy.



That doesn’t hinder him from becoming flirty because of the DJ’s performance, though. Marina asks him about his love life and finds out that he is married. Oh well. I wanted her to get together with the guy from the Mansion across the street anyway.

The night club stays empty, probably because the sun is rising and it’s not night anymore. Oh well.

Let’s take a more direct approach and just walk across the street to greet the new neighbours!


“Should I just knock on the door, just like that? I’m kind of scared…”



After looking around a bit, we’re greeted by Bernardo’s impressive backside.


Nice booty you got there, man.


“I just wanted to say hi!”


“The house has been empty for ages! How do you like it?”


“Dad, that’s Marina from across the street.”

Now that the introductions are finished, she can go back home.

Time to browse the gallery for some nice new places for Aleksej to visit with Alyson! I settled on a restaurant and a bar in Willow Creek. You can find the restaurant as The Chowder House V2 on the gallery, I really recommend it.

For the bar, I settled with Vivance Bar with some minor modifications I made to meet my needs (like music instruments, a game table etc).

Let’s test those new places out then!


“I’m so glad you came.”


“You are a work of art. A masterpiece.”






“This is the most lemony lemoncake I ever ate!”





Well, like they say on the internets: Things Escalated Quickly. I do rather like the direction they took, though. And somehow, after just one date, their romance bar is almost full. They’re really into each other! Lara and Bennett took a long time to fill their romance bar. Their relationship grew slowly, but steadily. Aleksej and Alyson (I will just call her Allie) just rushed headlong into it, it seems.

It works for me, though.

Lets head back home then.


Demario and Bennett are kind of like brothers. I wonder how it must be for them – they had been childhood friends, going into the same school. Married into the same family. Working at the same restaurant. Living in the same house. Right now, sitting on the same bed.


“You are looking awesome today, Marina!”


Despite everything that’s going on in their lives, despite having to manage work, children, husbands, the whole household, Lara and Sveta frequently have a moment together, exchanging stories and making plans.


“Sometimes there is so much to clean around this place…”


“Don’t you just wish we could go away for a few days?”


Sveta is making drinks for her childhood friends again. They’re in a club, so I can invite them all together now and then and not lose touch with them. The clubs seem to work again, by the way.


“We will have a birthday party soon! There will be cake!”

Yes. The twins are growing up. Prior to that, Sveta and Demario recieve their youth potion, because Demario’s birthday would be tomorrow as well.


At night, Sergej’s ghost appears in the living room. Happy and cheerful, he heads for the main door to talk to his plants outside.





One comment on “3.4: across the street

  1. cathytea says:

    I love the excitement of new romance ! That date was really sweet . It’s so fun to see the thought bubbles and your interpretation of them !


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